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Saint's Row

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Corporate Retreat

Paul McNally

With The Nuhualli freshly freed from prison, the gang decides a team bonding exercise is required in order to build trust before pulling off the bank train heist. This guide will take you, step-by-step through the Saints Row (2022) mission, Corporate Retreat.

How To Complete The Corporate Retreat Mission In Saints Row

Each of the Saints has chosen a fun activity for the murder-free day. Do we bet you are wondering how that is going to turn out? Eli has hired an RV for the trip and you must travel around to the various locations to have a little organized fun, starting with Neenah’s choice of activity.

The Nuhualli finally gets to meet the rest of the Saints to go on a team bonding day.

Objective 1 - Hit The Road / Drive To Neenah’s Activity

Neenah wants to go and spray some graffiti - unfortunately, it’s in Panteros territory. Drive the RV to the location ready for some painting. The RV is a bit on the cumbersome side to drive so do not throw it into corners the way you might do with a car. Take your time and get to the location in one piece with the minimum of fuss.

Objective 2 - Hang Out With Friends / Defeat All Enemies

(1 of 2) Los Panteros take exception to Neenah spraying graffiti on their patch.

Los Panteros take exception to Neenah spraying graffiti on their patch. (left), After defeating the gang you can admire your new Saints mural. (right)

Deep in Los Panteros territory, Neenan starts to paint her Saints mural but the Panteros are not pleased and start to turn out in force. That’s the end of your murder-free day then. This attack is nothing too heavy and certainly no worse than anything you have seen off so far. Kill all the enemies - there are a couple of mini-bosses to deal with but not much more - and wait until Neenah unveils her masterpiece. It was worth the fight.

Objective 3 - Get Into The RV / Drive To The Bar

Next up Eli has chosen karaoke at a nearby bar so we have to drive there next. It’s not too far away but you are still driving the lump of metal that is the RV so again, take it easy. When you get to the bar, exit the RV and enter the building. After a really short conversation with the barman, you will be attacked by Marshall officers who recognize The Nuhualli. Looks like karaoke is off then.

Objective 4 - Defeat Marshall

Besides the two officers in the bar, more reinforcements will quickly arrive, including two on a pair of very nice-looking hoverbikes. There are a few tough enemies here but you can use the cover of the bar if you need to recover, although the main fight will take place out on the street. When they are all dead, approach the hoverbikes.

Objective 5 - Board The Hoverbike / Go To The Lake

Kev decides he is changing his plans and now wants to go to the lake to race the hoverbike. Climb on the bike with The Nuhualli and head for the lake where you will meet the rest in the RV. Here you can stick to the road or, where possible, cut corners by going cross-country - the bike hovers after all so many rocks and plants won’t get in your way.

Objective 6 - Defeat The Idols

When you arrive at the lake you will discover it is a popular Idols’ hangout and they all need to be killed so you can enjoy your day. The enemies here are twofold. Some shoot from the shoreline and others are on jet skis.

(1 of 2) Enemies will appear on the lake and on the shoreline. All must be dealt with.

Enemies will appear on the lake and on the shoreline. All must be dealt with. (left), The hoverbike is easy to control across water or land. (right)

You are driving the bike while The Nuhualli does the killing. To remove the jetskis from the equation you need to get as close as possible and with a combination of ramming them and letting your partner open fire at close range. When you are close enough to hit them with bullets the health bar will appear. Take out the jetskis and circle around the shore picking off any others.

There are two main waves, one of which will involve you driving under the bridge. After it’s clear it’s time to head back to the RV.

Objective 7 - Return To The RV

As you get to the RV it will come under heavy attack from Marshall. What you need to do here is stay on the hoverbike and drive close to the RV as it tries to escape. The Nuhualli is again on gun journey. What actually happened for us the first time was the RV crashed and got stuck at the start, leaving us unable to complete the level and having to reload, but hopefully, that was a one-off coincidental occurrence.

If all goes well the RV will drive along the highway while you offer support, blowing up the Marshall vehicles. The RV’s health bar is shown in yellow in the top left and you need to make sure that doesn’t drop to zero. Do not let the RV get too far away from you or you will get a timer down to a mission fails. If it pops up, you need to get close to the RV and fast.

Objective 8 - Enter The Safehouse / Arm Yourself / Exit The Safehouse

The Nuhualli takes you to a safe house where he has a very special gun for you. Enter the safe house and head downstairs to the weapons rack and select the gun that is glowing. This weapon is capable of causing a lot of damage and spoiler alert, you are going to need it in the next bit.

The Nuhualli presents you with a special weapon for the upcoming battle. You will need it.

Objective 9 - Defeat All Enemies

This is quite possibly the biggest battle we have had to date in Saints Row as you will simultaneously be attacked by Los Panteros, Idols, and Marshall. The enemies will come from three directions so you need to keep an eye on your mini0map to see where the threats are emerging from next. A lot of the attacks will start with vehicles attempting to ram you and your team. The weapon from The Nuhualli is capable of blowing cars and bikes up with a few well-placed shots so you try and do that as much as possible to ease the pressure.

Other vehicles that enemies arrive in and are taking cover behind can also be destroyed quickly as a method of removing multiple enemies simultaneously.

If any of the team dies it is back to the checkpoint, but if you manage to survive the onslaught you will complete the mission.

Completing Corporate Retreat will unlock The Nuhualli and add him to your Contacts app.

Unlocked During Corporate Retreat

The following items are unlocked for future missions upon completion of the Corporate Retreat

Unlocked Item
Baseball Cap, Waffle Coat, New Weapon Patterns corpbaseball.jpg
The Nuhualli corpnah.jpg
MDI-707B Hoverbike corphoverbike.jpg
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