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How to Complete the Wreckless Driving Challenge

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to unlock and complete the Wreckless Driving Challenge in Saints Row.

How to Unlock and Complete the Wreckless Driving Challenge

Wreckless Driving is a Challenge in Saints Row that will unlock after you complete the mission Networking. The Disturb the Peace Challenge tasks you with completing three objectives:

  • Sideswipe 20 vehicles.
  • T-bone 5 vehicles.
  • Rear-end 15 vehicles.

How to Sideswipe, T-Bone and Rear-End Vehicles in Saints Row

The Sideswipe is your standard offensive vehicular attack, you can Sideswipe vehicles by holding down the DualSense-ButtonSquare / Xbox-ButtonX while steering into the target vehicle with DualSense-Stick-R-LR. Be sure to keep accelerating by hold down DualSense-R2 / Xbox-TriggerRight while you Sideswipe, otherwise it probably won’t count as a Sideswipe. If you clip an enemy car’s side while driving normally (or while making a failed attempt at a t-bone) it may also count as a Sideswipe. Land 20 Sideswipes to complete this objective.

Rear-ending enemy vehicles is probably the easiest of these three objectives, as all you have to do is drive into the back of an enemy vehicle. Do this 15 times to complete the objective.

Finally you need to t-bone 5 vehicles, and this is a bit trickier than the other two objectives. You need to get a clean hit on the side of another vehicle with the front of your own - if the angle is too great, it’ll count as either a Sideswipe or a generic “slam”. You can just drive through intersections at high speeds and hope for targets of opportunity - Lakeshore North and Lakeshore South both have a lot of traffic and intersections. This, of course, requires a bit of luck and a lot of aimless driving around, although you can stalk high-traffic intersections, like the southern bridge that connects Smelterville West and El Dorado.

On the other hand you can get your Notoriety up high enough to provoke your enemies into laying roadblocks. These roadblocks often include parked enemy vehicles, which will just be parked on the road with their sides presented enticingly, making them easy targets. Hitting level 3 Notoriety should suffice. However you manage it, once you’ve t-boned 5 vehicles you’ll complete this objective.


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