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Saint's Row

How to Unlock and Upgrade the Bone Crusher

Nathan Garvin

Information about the Bone Crusher in Saints Row, including how to obtain it, how to upgrade it and how to unlock its Signature Ability.

Complete the Mission “The Rod Warrior” to obtain the Bone Crusher.

How to Find and Upgrade the Bone Crusher in Saints Row

The Bone Crusher is a Melee Weapon in Saints Row, and it can be acquired by completing the Mission [The Rod Warrior]. To unlock this Mission you must first complete The Dustmoot and Networking, then establish and complete the [Castle Kraken] Venture.

As with all weapons, the Bone Crusher can be upgraded three times, depending on your level. At level 5 you’ll unlock the tier 1 upgrade, which will set you back $5,000. At level 10 you can upgrade this weapon to tier 2, which costs $25,000. Finally, at level 15 you can max out the weapon by upgrading it to tier 3, which is quite expensive at $100,000. Upgrading the Bone Crusher will increase its Damage and Damage vs Shield.

Smack Marshall enemies with the Bone Crusher to unlock its Signature Ability, Swing Away!

How to Unlock the Swing Away! Signature Ability for the Bone Crusher

All weapons have a Signature Ability, which will grant the weapon a special ability when its unlock conditions are met. Unlike normal weapon upgrades, you can’t buy Signature Abilities, which can include boons such as life leech, area-of-effect damage, knockback, full-auto firing mode, armor-piercing rounds, elemental damage and bonus damage over time, and so on. Once a Signature Abilities unlock conditions are met you can activate it by visiting Friendly Fire or using the armory at your HQ. Signature Abilities can also be toggled off, if you prefer.

The Bone Crusher’s Signature Ability is Swing Away!, “A lethal heavy attack sends the enemy flying into the air.”. To unlock this Signature Ability you must “Defeat 30 Marshall with regular attacks.” To perform a regular attack, just press the DualSense-R2 / Xbox-TriggerRight.

You can just search for Marshall wandering around their territory, which encompasses all of western Santo Ileso, but using specific @TCHA Side Hustles will allow you to summon a set number of Marshall goons to your location, and when you defeat all the marked Mashall your Notoriety will be wiped, making this a simple, controllable way of farming kill. You’ll even gain bonus cash and XP for completing these Side Hustles! Lowering the difficulty and upgrading the Bone Crusher will make grinding this Signature Ability much easier.

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