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Saint's Row


Paul McNally

This guide will take you through all the steps necessary to complete the Networking main mission where you will begin to learn how to expand your empire in the game and develop new ventures and side-businesses to bring the Saints enough income to take over the city.

(1 of 2) The first Saints ‘board’ meeting takes place to establish a plan.

The first Saints ‘board’ meeting takes place to establish a plan. (left), Eli decides getting new partners involved is the way to take over Santo Ileso. (right)

How To Complete The Networking Mission In Saints Row

Networking in Saints Row is where things start to get serious. By the end of the mission you will have had an element of planning introduced to your game, so really you could say it is where the game starts properly for the first time as you will have actual business decisions to make, rather than just shooting people.

Objective 1: Reach Out To Your Contacts And Speak With JR

Your one good contact so far is JR who you are already in partnership with via the JimRob’s Garage venture you unlocked in A Piece Of The Action. The idea is that you need JR to come onboard complete with the Saints to make even more money for your crew.

Take a drive over to JimRobs’ Garage and speak with JR. There he will tell you he is interested, but that business is in trouble because Los Panteros are already shaking him down and stealing his profits. If you can sort out Los Panteros, he would be interested in joining your enterprise. That sounds like the kind of thing you are good at sorting out, fortunately.

Objective 2: Go To The Park

The Los Panteros gang members that are causing the problems are hanging out at the local park so take a trip over there to where they are chilling and teach them a lesson. When you have killed them all, destroy the shiny LP car that is their pride and joy, to annoy the gang even more and increase your Notoriety level.

Objective 3: Go To The Train Depot

After finishing your business in the park, JR will call to tell you you need to go to where Los Panteros are keeping all their own car parts - a disused train depot across the city. On arrival, there head through the door and you will be confronted, at range, by some Panteros gang members which need to be killed. Watch out for the ones with the mini-guns on top of the containers. Try and take them out before they get a bead on you.

After you have cleared the room you need to head to the marked doorway to t rear of the building.

Objective 4: Steal A Monster Truck

(1 of 4) There are two monster trucks to choose from and you can sneak up to either without being spotted.

Similar to when you had to destroy the construction site in Take Me To Church you now need to steal a monster truck and drive over 17 crates of Los Panteros car parts to destroy them. Unlike the construction site, however, you will come under extremely heavy fire from Los Panteros as you do so.

Sneak up to the truck and get in it before anybody notices you. There is no point in starting a firefight at this point as you can just run over your enemies as you drive around the yard. The number of boxes you have remaining is shown in the top left via a counter. Be careful not to accidentally drive into the lower section in the middle of the yard as it can be quite awkward to get out of.

Destroy all the boxes and you can now be on your way.

Objective 5: Get Back To JimRob’s

Another call from JR informs you that the Panteros gang are have turned up at the garage so you need to get back over there. Might as well stay in the Monster Truck unless you can find anything faster.

On arrival, there is a heavy presence of Los Panteros including a couple of tougher gang members. You can use your vehicle to mow a few down, or even jump out onto the roof and pick them off. Once again, JR will help with the shooting. After the area is cleared, go back and speak with JR and you will get a cutscene welcoming him on board.

Objective 6: Use The Criminal Empire Table

From the Empire Table you can build out where you want your gang to grow next.

A further cutscene back at the Church will introduce you to the Criminal Empire Table where you can now begin to choose your next venture as you spread across the city. On the table is a map with circles on it where you place ventures and on the left, you will have a list of ventures unlocked to you so far. Choose one, put it down and you will get a final cutscene before the end of the mission.

With the Empire Table open you can now really get down to business in Saints Row.

Unlocked During Networking

The following items are unlocked for future missions upon completion of the Networking mission.

Unlocked Item
Saints Pickup pickup.jpg
The Empire Table empire_table_icon.jpg
Threats threats.jpg
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