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Saint's Row

How to Complete the Cranked Challenge

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to unlock and complete the Cranked Challenge in Saints Row.

How to Unlock the Cranked Challenge

Cranked is a Challenge in Saints Row that will unlock after you complete the mission [Drawing Heat]. The Cranked Challenge tasks you with completing two objectives:

  • Stun 15 Marshall with a Stun Baton.
  • Stun 15 Police with a ElectroStun P1200

How to Stun 15 Marshall with a Stun Baton in Saints Row

You can purchase a Stun Baton from any Friendly Fire location for $10,000. Upgrading it will make this objective somewhat easier, but note that you’re not required to actually kill any Marshall enemies to increment this counter. To stun an enemy with the Stun Baton you need merely hit them with a heavy attack by pressing the DualSense-R2 / Xbox-TriggerRight. You should see a successfully stunned enemy stagger while being surrounded by a shock effect.

We suggested heading to the Lakeshore North region, specifically to the large park that occupies the southeastern corner of the region. You’ll find plenty of Marshall goons wandering around on foot here, and if you pick a fight in this park you likely won’t have to deal with police or traffic, allowing you to concentrate on the Marshall foes you need to stun. Even though you don’t have to kill Marshall for this Challenge, we suggest doing so just to ensure you have a steady supply of new foes to pick on. 15 love taps later and this objective will be done.

How to Stun 15 Police with a ElectroStun P1200 in Saints Row

Pick up an ElectroStun P1200 from any Friendly Fire for $3,000. Unlike most weapon-based Challenge, upgrading the ElectroStun P1200 won’t really help all that much, as any hit is virtually guaranteed to stun, and this weapon isn’t really a damage-dealer no matter how much you upgrade it. Also odd for a Challenge, we don’t really suggest any of the usual methods for farming enemies, instead you can just run around the streets looking for police (they’ll be marked by gray dots on your minimap). When you find one, pop them with the ElectroStun P1200, then finish them off with another weapon. Wash, rinse, repeat. 15 stuns later and you’ll be done.

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