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Saint's Row

How to Increase Your Empire Tier

Nathan Garvin

Information about the Empire Table in Saints Row, including details on placing Ventures and increasing your Empire Tier.

Complete the Mission “Networking” to unlock the Empire Table, which is where you’ll establish Ventures - the real money-makers in Saints Row.

How to Unlock the Empire Table

During the Mission Networking you’ll eventually be tasked with interacting with the newly-created Empire Table and using it to establish your first criminal Venture. Making money in Saints Row doesn’t come from paltry street crime, not real money, anyways. In order to create a criminal empire you need to think bigger, and that involves establishing more sophisticated operations.

How to Use the Empire Table to Establish Ventures

When you interact with the Empire Table (found on the upper floor of The Church) you’ll be presented with a map of Santo Ileso… excluding the uninteresting badlands surrounding the city. On this map are circled areas, one per region, and by selecting these marked spots you’ll be able to pick a Venture to establish in that region. Each region can have one Venture, and the list of available Ventures can be found along the left side of the screen.

Once a Venture is established in a region you’ll be treated to a short cutscene introducing the Venture. Merely establishing a Venture will earn you passive income, but you can further increase the money you earn by clearing the district of Threats (five of these will spawn in a region when you establish a Venture there - each one will increase the base value of the established Venture by 20% when cleared) and by completing specific activities related to the Venture. Each Venture has its own unique activities, which are covered for the page dedicated to each Venture. Completing all a Venture’s Venture activities will double the base value of the Venture again, meaning that you can effectively triple the income generated by the Venture by completing all the Venture activities and clearing all the Threats.

It’s worth noting that not all Ventures are created equal, and you won’t have access to the best Ventures at the start of the game. To gain access to more Ventures - Ventures which are far more lucrative, at that - you’ll have to increase your Empire Tier.

(1 of 2) Establishing and completing Ventures will unlock Missions,

Establishing and completing Ventures will unlock Missions, (left), which will increase your Empire Tier when completed. (right)

How to Increase Your Empire Tier

Examine the Empire Table and at the top left of the screen you’ll see your Empire Tier, which can be anywhere from 1 to 4. Next to your Empire Tier you’ll find some objectives, which presumably indicate what you need to accomplish before your Empire Tier increases. These objectives are always a mix of establishing more Ventures and completing established Ventures… but fulfilling these objectives doesn’t actually improve your Empire Tier. Instead, they’re prerequisites to unlock Missions whose completion will increase your Empire Tier. A list of the requirements for unlocking Empire Tiers follows:

Empire Tier Unlock Mission Requirements
1 Networking
2 Drawing Head Place 3 Criminal Ventures
3 Body of Evidence Place 6 Criminal Ventures, Complete 2 Criminal Ventures
4 Good Cop/Bad Cop Place 8 Criminal Ventures, Complete 5 Criminal Ventures

Every time your Empire Tier increases you’ll unlock new Ventures and Challenges (not including the extra Challenges you’ll unlock for each Venture you establish). Higher tier Ventures earn much, much more money than lower tier ones; JimRob’s, the first Venture you’ll establish, will pay you $1,000 per hour by default, while the [Laundromat], a tier 2 Venture, will pay $15,000 per hour by default, and tier 3 Ventures will pay $46,000 per hour.

It’s safe to say that each subsequent Empire Tier’s Ventures generate roughly as much income as all the Ventures in the previous Empire Tier. If you want to generate real money, do the bare minimum to meet the requirements for the Mission that increases your Empire Tier, keep increasing your Empire Tier, and establish more lucrative Ventures.

(1 of 2) Increasing your Empire Tier will unlock new Ventures,

Increasing your Empire Tier will unlock new Ventures, (left), which are significantly more lucrative than lower-tier Ventures. (right)

Below you’ll find a list of all the Ventures in the game and what Empire Tier you need to reach to unlock them:

Empire Tier Venture
0 JimRob’s Garage
1 Bright Future
1 Castle Kraken
1 Chalupacabra
1 Shady Oaks
2 Eurekabator!
2 Laundromat
2 Wuzyerz Repo
3 Cutting Edge
3 KAKTS Radio
3 The Big One
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