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Saint's Row

Neenah's Car

Paul McNally

This guide will show you, step-by-step, how to complete the Neenah’s Car mission in the 2022 reboot of Saints Row. Neenah has been working on her car as her pride and joy for years, but now it has been stolen and it is up to you to help her get it back in one piece.

How To Complete The Neenah’s Car Mission In Saints Row

The mission begins at the Church, where Neenah has found out that Los Panteros’ bad guy Sergio (you might remember him from Observe and Report) has stolen her project car and is threatening to destroy it in revenge for Neenah’s defection from the Panteros.

Objective 1 - Go To The Culvert

(1 of 4) Arriving at the Culvert you find a gathering of Los Panteros playing with their cars.

Neenah suspects that Los Panteros will be chopping her car up for parts at the Culvert where they go to race their own mean machines. Follow the road marker until you get to Culvert - you will have to swing off-road in all likelihood, so watch for the arrows, as they can be a little difficult to spot on the dusty terrain sometimes.

When you arrive you will see Lost Panteros cars racing along and a large number of their gang observing. That can only mean one thing.

Objective 2- Defeat Los Panteros

Drive your car onto the Culvert and try and run over as many enemies as you can. There are actually a lot here and some are heavily armed. There are also a couple of mini-bosses that can be a pain as they attack you, both with explosives and a giant hammer that can cause quite a bit of damage if you are on foot.

If you do find yourself on foot, chances are you will find yourself on fire on occasion due to the weapons deployed by Los Panteros, so make sure you know how to extinguish the flames quickly - the button will be shown on your screen depending on the platform you are playing on.

When you eventually get on top of things and kill them all, you may as well jump in a monster truck and destroy all the Panteros’ cars for extra Notoriety.

Objective 3: Go To Gabriel’s Garage

(1 of 2) Neenah wants to know where her car is but Gabriel is being less than forthcoming.

Neenah wants to know where her car is but Gabriel is being less than forthcoming. (left), The only way to get the info you need is to mess with his paint job on his own car. (right)

With no sign of Neenah’s car here she decides you need to go to Sergio’s main chop shop over at Gabriel’s Garage. So that is where we are headed next. There is a bit of a car chase here down the Culvert as Los Panteros try to stop you from escaping. Keep driving at this point, don’t use the tactic of getting out of the car to kill your aggressors as they seem to infinitely respawn and can quickly overwhelm you.

Keep your foot down and follow the markings and you should soon lose them. Los Panteros do have a trick though where one of their trucks can fire a harpoon to attach themselves to your vehicle which makes them impossible to shake off. Evasive maneuvers while driving will limit the possibility of this.

Objective 4 - Interrogate Gabriel

When you arrive at Gabriel’s garage you will find Neenah already pointing a gun at his head, but he is telling you nothing. The only thing that is going to make him talk is messing with his own pride and joy - his car. This bit is a little strange as you approach his car the game mode will change to the car customization screen and you basically need to mess with the paint job enough here until he coughs up the info that you need.

It turns out that Sergio is planning to trash Neenah’s car by rolling it over the edge of a cliff to teach her a lesson. Your mission now? Stop Sergio.

Objective 5 - Race To The Quarry

You are now in a race against time to get to the Quarry and stop Sergio so you need to get your foot down and deal with any Los Panteros who try to slow you down without being slowed down! Unfortunately, you arrive too late, regardless of your best efforts, leaving Neenah’s revenge for a later mission. As for this one, it is now complete.

No unlocks here, just a very upset Neenah.

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