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The Dustmoot

Paul McNally

This guide will take you, step-by-step through Saints Row’s crazy Dustmoot mission. So if you are ready for a little Live Action Roleplay (LARP), SR style you have come to the right place. So get your cosplay on as the Boss goes on a {pretend) rampage with Eli.

How To Complete The Dustmoot Mission In Saints Row

Okay, so even by Saints Row standards this mission is a little crazy. The entire city is taking part in a giant LARP called The Dustmoot, and you can shoot anyone with your LARP gun and the only comeback you will face is seeing confetti burst out of their head. Eli wants to join a particular team (House Dust Storm) who aren’t interested in him, so he hatches a plan to take down a rival team - House of Tapeworm to prove his worth - and you are going to help.

(1 of 4) First, you need to drive to pick up some supplies for your cosplay.

Objective 1 - Acquire Weapons And Armor

After speaking with Eli and him telling you about The Dustmoot you need to go and find some supplies for your cosplay. You are basically looking for cardboard to make a costume out of so follow the road markings and head across town to find what you need. There, Eli will talk you through using your LARP gun and let you practice shooting a few bystanders.

Objective 2 - Venture Into The Dustland And Set Beacon Alight

Another sizeable drive will see you head into the hills towards the House of Tapeworm’s giant beacon - which Eli intends to set alight to prove his worth to House Dust Storm. On arrival, you will be attacked by members of House Tapeworm, and you will have to kill them LARP style before approaching the beacon to set it alight. Now you can stand back and observe your handiwork as it goes up in flames, as every good beacon should.

The Hosue Tapeworm beacon must be torched to prove your worth to House Dust Storm.

Objective 3 - Venture To Fort Tapeworm

You suggest that instead of joining House Dust Storm the Saints should start up their own House. Eli agrees but you will need a castle and House Tapeworm has bought all the duct tape in the city, so you need to take another drive and attack the main fort and liberate all the duct tape for yourselves. On arrival, Eli will attempt to parlay with the guard and you will get invited inside.

Objective 4 - Slay Thy Foes

On Eli’s command, open fire on the Tapeworm guard, there are a lot, but they will generally come at you from directly in front. Eli will help out but make sure you clear out every last one of them before progressing.

Objective 5 / 6 - Search Yonder Pedestal / Loot Thy Enemy’s Fort

Once you have cleared the area you can begin to search for the duct tape. This involves you opening the chest in front of you and then being sent around the fort to find three more. Watch out for the cute microtransaction joke here, it made us laugh at least. When you find the third chest you will discover that the tape is, in fact, hidden inside the Great Worm structure.

While searching for the treasure we even came across a funny microtransaction joke!

Objective 7 - Injure The Great Worm

Having entered the structure you must now injure the Great Worm by moving along inside it and shooting four polyps (reading this back it sounds like a fever dream!) which are guarded by more House Tapeworm members. Just progress down the tunnel until you come to each polyp and then shoot it to destroy it, We switched to our LARP crOSsbow here for max damage, but it does take longer to reload - headshots are mighty satisfying however.

(1 of 2) Move along inside the Giant Work, shooting the polyps as you go.

Move along inside the Giant Work, shooting the polyps as you go. (left), Once you reach the end you will find all the duct tape you could ever need. (right)

Objective 8 / 9 - Seize The Duct Tape / Exit The Great Worm’s Ass

After destroying all four, collect the duct tape from the end and after one more, slightly grim, blasting of polyps, you can shoot your way out of the worm’s ass and make your way over to talk to Eli and complete the mission.

The Dustmoot is just the first of Saint Row's Dustlander missions. More can be unlocked.

Unlocked During The Dustmoot

The following items are unlocked for future missions upon completion of the The Dustmoot

Unlocked Item
Castle Kraken kraken.jpg
Dustlander Revolver / Bone Crusher / Dustlander Crossbow / New Weapon Patterns dustlander.jpg

There are further Dustlander missions to complete via the Empire Table. Build and complete Castle Kraken to unlock them.


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