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Observe And Report

Paul McNally

To continue the story from Making Rent open up your phone and select the Missions app. From there highlight Observe and Report and you will get a call from Gwen asking her to meet you.

How To Complete The Observe and Report Mission In Saints Row

Use the foillowing steps to complete Observe and Report. Saints Row’s high octane car-chase mission.

Objective 1: Meet With Gwen

You are going to need to steal a car to get to Gwen so have a look around and boost a suitable ride. Follow the makers for around 2k until you reach the roadside spot where Gwen is waiting for you.

Gwen will be waiting a short drive away to give you your mission briefing.

Objective 2: Follow The Convoy

The cut scene will set the scenario of you needing to track a Panteros convoy, but under no circumstances are you to engage them - we can see how this is going to work out already.

Your driver is a guy called JR who will chat away with you as you watch the convoy. Before too long, the motorbike escort will spot you and drop back and it will quickly become shooting time.

Objective 3: Jump To The truck

Take out all the bikes and as JR gets closer to the truck it will be time to get out onto the roof and jump to the truck using whatever control is displayed on your screen (depending on which system you are playing Saints Row on).

Objective 4: Kill The Panteros

Make sure you cause plenty of mayhem by taking out the Panteros bikes and trucks.

There are a couple of gang members on the truck you should kill leaving open and available a gun turret you should make good use of to take out the bikes and trucks that are attacking from both sides. Let rip with the machine gun and you will make quick work of the job.

Objective 5: Fall Back

With all bad guys so far accounted for Gwen orders you to fall back so you need to jump back onto JR’s car again. This is a short-lived peace as you are about to get attacked again, this time by Sergio, a Panteros boss.

Objective 6: Shoot Sergio’s Monster Truck

Now Sergio and his monster truck are coming at you as you cling to the roof of the car. Continue to rain fire at the truck and you will notice parts of it will sly off as you cause it damage. You need to do this as quickly as possible, Eventually, Sergio will smash into a low rock and the truck explodes.

Objective 7: Follow The Convoy

With that menace out of the way, you will now be driving into a sandstorm that will restrict your view dramatically. Better hope there are no bikers coming after you that you won’t be able to see until the last minute.

Objective 8: Kill The Bikers

Dammit. Bikers everywhere. You are still perched on the roof at this stage so take them out. They will be coming at you from both sides but should still be easy enough to spot - not so much the bikes themselves, but certainly their bright red health bars.

Objective 9: Shoot The Hitch

You will now be catching up to the convoy which will again have Panteros on the trucks firing at you. As you draw close to the front of the truck, shoot the connecting hitch between the cab and the cargo to split the two in half.

Jump onto the truck and vault onto the roof where there are a few more gang members to kill. Finish them off and walk to thedge of the truck. A cutscene will take over as you engage in a fight with the driver. This fight will end with the truck going over the cliff in a messy crash.

Objective 10: Kill The Panteros

Having landed unceremoniously at the bottom you will now be faced with a mini-boss fight with the Panteros driver. He is tougher than anybody you have faced to date and this is signified by his yellow health bar with a shield on it. You can’t do any kind of takedown on him until the shield has gone. There are also some other goons that you should try to take out as soon as they appear so you can concentrate on the boss.

Kill them all and you will head into the end-of-mission cutscene.


  • Side Hustle: Riding Shotgun
  • Side Hustle: Choplifting

With all your reporting and observing done you can move to the next mission.


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