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Saint's Row

The Fast And The Foodiest

Paul McNally

This guide will help you get Kev his Mechaburger toy with the minimum of fuss from The Idols who are out to spoil the party. The Mechaburger is the hottest fast food toy on the planet and it is going to sell out fast, so get ready for a trip around the city to get your hands on one and help Kev regain a little of his lost childhood in the process.

How To Complete The Fast And The Foodiest Mission In Saints Row

Standard Saints Row fare here with an additional twist towards the end. Lots of driving and shooting but also a bit of a timed car chase too with The Idols to make things a bit more interesting.

Objective 1: Go To FB’s

(1 of 2) Take a Drive to FBs burger joint. The line is huge so ignore it, youre a Saint.

Take a Drive to FBs burger joint. The line is huge so ignore it, youre a Saint. (left), No surprise the Mechaburger is sold out and you need to try another FBs. (right)

FB’s is the best burger joint in town and their re-introduction of the fabled Mechaburger - a burger that turns into a robot has got people queuing for miles. Collect Kev from the Church and drive over to the nearest FB’s by following the road markings. When you get there you will notice a long line at the drive-thru. You are a Saint though so won’t be hanging around. Get out of the car and walk up to the window where you will be told the Mechaburger is sold out. You will need to try a different FB’s across town.

Objective 2: Go To The Next FB’s

The next FBs is crawling with Idols who have just jacked all the Mechaburgers.

Take the one-kilometer drive over to the next nearest FB’s. As you arrive you will see it is crawling with Idols gang members who will open fire when you get close. You need to kill them all and clear out the area. There will more than likely be a neon-flail girl over near the door next to cars, so make sure you hit her too.

Objective 3: Go To The Drive-Thru Window

More disappointment as you are told that the Idols have stolen all the Mechaburger toys. You need to be on your toes here because as soon as the conversation finishes you will notice an Idols’ car speed past on the road with a mission marker on it. This is the car you need to chase so you need to get going quickly - if it gets too far ahead you will have to go back to the Checkpoint, which is just before the conversation at the window.

Objective 4: Chase Down The FB’s Shipment

After you cause enough damage the Idols will jump out and attack.

You have a couple of options but you have to move fast. Directly in front of you is an Idols buggy or two your right there are a couple of parked cars. Either way, steal one and let Kev get in. Head out via the road, don’t take what looks like a shortcut to the right as it ends in a wall and a dead end followed by a restart. Either way you just a few seconds to catch it, or it is game over.

Catch up with the shipment and try to sideswipe the car at full speed. If you want to get fancy you can try and get ahead, jump out and try and shoot the tires. After taking enough damage the Idols’ car will stop and they will get out and open fire.

Kill all of The Idols and commandeer the car with the Mechaburgers in. We then got a new objective to head back to the church but a few seconds later got the Mission Completed screen anyway, saving us the long drive home.

A useful mission as it upgrades Kevs weapon and unlocks the Playlist app so you can choose your own music.

Unlocked During The Fast And The Foodiest

The following items are unlocked for future missions upon completion of the **The Fast And The Foodiest

Unlocked Item
Dillon Francis and Trippie Redd Apparel foodappalrel.jpg
Playlist App playlist.jpg
Friend Weapon Upgrade foodupgrade.jpg


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