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Saint's Row

How to Complete the Nothing Stronger Than Family Challenge

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to unlock and complete the Nothing Stronger Than Family Challenge in Saints Row.

How to Unlock and Complete the Nothing Stronger Than Family Challenge

Nothing Stronger Than Family is a Challenge in Saints Row that will unlock after you complete the mission Networking. It tasks you with completing three objectives:

  • Sideswipe kill 15 enemy vehicles with Neenah.
  • Kill 5 notoriety minibosses with Kev.
  • Kill 100 enemies with Eli.

For each of these objectives you’ll need to summon your allies with the “Contacts” app on your phone, which isn’t a bad practice for general open world gameplay in general.

Eli’s objective is cake - you kill enemies all the time. In fact, summon him while you’re working on Kevin’s objective and you’ll finish Eli’s along the way. Hardly even a bother.

How to Sideswipe Kill Vehicles with Neenah

Neenah’s isn’t too bad, but keep in mind you’ll have to destroy enemy vehicles by sideswiping. The vehicle counts, not the number of enemies inside it, and it must be a sideswipe that causes the vehicle’s destruction, not t-bones, rear-ends or gunfire. It’s questionable whether a vehicle catching fire and exploding from sustaining too much damage counts, but at the end of the day if you just bring Neenah along and hunt down enemy vehicles (they’re recognizable as gray dots on your minimap) you should complete this objective eventually. If you want to speed things up, equip the Shiny & Chrome Perk to drastically increase your damage output when sideswiping, and bring Neenah along during JimRob’s Venture activities, as you’ll inevitably end up ramming a lot of enemies as you steal various vehicles.

How to Kill Notoriety Minibosses with Kevin

Kevin’s objective isn’t hard, but it is time-consuming. You’ll need to reach level 5 Notoriety with a gang faction to provoke a miniboss’s arrival… which is easy until you want it to happen. Find an enemy on the streets and pick a fight and be sure to let enemies call reinforcements to ensure you have a continual influx of Notoriety-generating bodies to shoot at - it sucks when you spend a few minutes building up your Notoriety only to spoil things because you’re suddenly too good at killing enemies. Cops getting involved can also cause problems, as they’ll fight with rival gangs, so try to keep collateral damage to a minimum. Once you get that lovely level 5 notoriety, a miniboss will spawn. Kill it and you’ll increment this counter. Do it five times and Kevin will be done. As mentioned earlier, bringing Eli along will certainly get him the 100 kills he needs for his objective.

We suggest picking fights with the Idols, as they’re generally squishier and less dangerous than the other factions. Marshall is better at calling for reinforcements, but their troopers are generally sturdier and have higher damage output than Idols do, and their power-armor clad miniboss can be a nuisance. If you want to go for the Picking Fights achievement/trophy while working on this Challenge, however, you’ll need to defeat one miniboss from each faction. Worth considering - two birds and all.

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