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Saint's Row

Aggressive Recruiting

Paul McNally

Now The Saints are a legitimate gang with its first business venture up and running, the one thing that is missing is more recruits. This guide will take you through the Aggressive Recruiting mission in Saints Row and get the gang more popular on social media which will, in turn, attract more members to your doors.

How To Complete The Aggressive Recruiting Mission In Saints Row

A Saints meeting decides that it will be worth sending The Boss to take part in a “Murder Circus” at Boot Hill on the island offshore of the city. This is a place where killing rampages are live streamed on the internet, so what better way to get potential young gang members to sign up than letting them see with their own eyes how good you are via the power of social media?

(1 of 2) The view across the bay looks very peaceful. It is about to be anything but.

The view across the bay looks very peaceful. It is about to be anything but. (left), Travel to the end of the pier and take your ticket to ride the ferry to the island. (right)

Objective 1 - Go To The Dock

Exit the church and veer around to the left and head behind the building. From here you can make your way down to the pier at the dock where the Boot Hill Ferry will be waiting to whisk you off to the island. Move along the pier to the ticket booth and the end and take the ticket. This will initiate a cut scene of the ferry crossing the bay.

Objective 2 - Survive Boot Hill

Arriving at Boot Hill you will be weaponless. All the weapons you need must be found on the island. The weapons are stored in coffin-shaped lockers that must be looted. You will then pick up the weapon - don’t forget though, that you still maintain other weapons you collect you just need to cycle through them. Ammo is more of an issue for the guns but there are a couple of spots on the island where you can stock up.

Even though the island is largely open to you, you will still find yourself following generally a set path through proceedings. If you stray too far off it you will be told to return to the mission area and a timer will begin to count down. If you are outside when it ruins out the game is over and it is back to a checkpoint you go.

As you make your way around the island your task is to kill everything. Skirmishes will be going on between the other competitors but they will soon turn their attention to you if you get to close so it’s best to limit the risk and take everybody out.

New weapons are found at regular intervals so just follow the mission markers to progress. Surviving Boot Hill until the end is the only objective here. If you find you are taking too much damage back off and find cover until your health regenerates. There are choke points where the attacks are serious and also include a couple of mini-bosses along the way.

(1 of 4) Welcome to Boot Hill where anything goes in the name of internet entertainment.

When you get to the railway tunnel proceed with a little caution as there is a tough boss waiting for you at the end of it. You can take cover just before the bend in the wall and pop out to cause him damage while minimizing your exposure at the same time, although watch out for the grenades he will be throwing in your direction.

It is also very dark at the far end of the tunnel so making him out can be an issue.

When you have killed him more to the end of the tunnel. Your big problem here will be another influx of opponents as well as one manning a turret up ahead that you cannot shoot. There is another turret to the left that you can run to and get on to take out your foes but you still will not be able to damage the turret gunner. To remove him from the game you need to t run up to him and kill him melee style so change your weapon accordingly (the sword is a good one) and take him out.

Immediately jump on the turret as floods of enemies will start to race towards you from the tunnel. Mow them down and stop them from getting close to you.

While you are in the process of doing this the scene will shift to your friends watching this on the livestream in amazement at your work.

After a brief cut scene, you will have completed the mission

With that shooting marathon complete the Saints now have some new gang members.

Unlocked During Aggressive Recruiting

The following items are unlocked for future missions upon completion of the Aggressive Recruiting

Unlocked Item
HQ Boat Dock crewdock.jpg
Saints Crew saintscrew.jpg
Crew Customization crewcustomize.png
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