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Saint's Row

How to Complete Shooting Galleries

Nathan Garvin

Information about Shooting Gallery Discoveries in Saints Row, including how to find and complete Shooting Galleries and the rewards you’ll gain for doing so.

What Are Shooting Galleries in Saints Row?

Shooting Gallerys are a type of Discovery in Saints Row, an optional, freeform, open world activity that typically rewards you with cash and XP when you complete it. Shooting Gallerys, unlike Armored Truck events and Crimes of Opportunity count towards the completion of a region’s Discoveries when completed, and while this won’t increase the passive income generated by any Ventures in that region like completing Threats will, it does count towards various achievments/trophies that task you with conquering various regions.

(1 of 2) Most of your targets will be yellow-and-orange humanoids on black backgrounds,

Most of your targets will be yellow-and-orange humanoids on black backgrounds, (left), but smaller black-and-white targets with other figures (wolves, birds, UFOs) also make up the minority of targets in some Shooting Galleries. (right)

How to Find and Complete Hidden Histories

Right up there with Hidden Histories in terms of complexity, Shooting Galleries require you to head to the icon marking their location, upon which a search area will appear. Within the confines of this search area are fifteen targets you’ll need to find and destroy, and some of your shooting targets can be quite sneaky; they can be located inside objects (shipping containers and concrete cylinders being favorite hiding spots), hanging up high, partially obscured behind other objects (pallets, dumpsters, etc)… expect to spend a few minutes hunting them all down blind.

These targets generally come in two forms - a yellow-and-orange on black humanoid target which constitutes the majority of your objectives, and some white-on-black target. The latter can feature a wolf, bird or UFO, and are generally smaller than the more colorful humanoid targets. Worse still, if you get into the habit of looking for the signature yellow-and-orange humanoid targets, you might pass over the smaller, less colorful targets that populate some Shooting Galleries!

Fortunately you’re not timed and you can use whatever weapon you wish to destroy these targets. You may have to do some jumping and climbing to reach various vantages to shoot all the targets in some Shooting Galleries.

There are six Shooting Gallery Discoveries in the game, with all of them being located in the variou desert regions (Rojas Desert North, Rojas Desert South, Badlands North, Badlands South) outside of Santo Ileso. Their locations can be found on the map below:

The locations of all the Shooting Gallery Discoveries in Saints Row.

Completing Shooting Gallery Discoveries will earn you various rewards, typically a weapon visual mod, 1,200 XP and $4,000. The rewards for each Shooting Gallery can be found below:

Shooting Gallery Location Reward
Abduction Site Shooting Gallery Rojas Desert South Saints Lawgiver, 1,200 XP, $4,000
Airplane Grave Shooting Gallery Badlands South Foam Finger Gun, 1,200 XP, $4,000
Bored Clerks Shooting Gallery Rojas Desert North Star God Blaster, 1,200 XP, $4,000
Junkyard Shooting Gallery Badlands South Mosey Along, 1,200 XP, $4,000
Old West Shooting Gallery Badlands North 1848 Cavalry Revolver, 1,200 XP, $4,000
Twin Coyote Rojas Desert North Star God Blaster, 1,200 XP, $4,000
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