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How to Complete the Pace Car Challenge

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to unlock and complete the Pace Car Challenge in Saints Row.

How to Unlock and Complete the Pace Car Challenge

Pace Car is a Challenge in Saints Row that will unlock after you complete the mission [Drawing Heat]. It tasks you with completing two objectives:

  • Continuously speed (80 seconds) in a vehicle.
  • Drive distance (1000 meters) in 25 seconds.

How to Continuously Speed in Saints Row

Drive fast and maintain your speed. That’s the name of the game, here, and both objectives are centered around this goal. The first of the two, “Continuously speed in a vehicle” is more relative than objective, as it seems to only require you to accelerate at or near a vehicle’s top speed for a sustained length of time. We unlocked this one without even trying, and as long as you can manage to keep driving without slowing down, you should, too.

If you’re having trouble, try to take a slower, heavier vehicle, ideally one that can bully other cars out of the way without losing momentum - a Landbarge (the trucks you drive during Toxic Delivery events) performs this task adequately, especially if you avoid sharp turns. Avoid taking a smaller, faster car like the Fer de Lance, Raycaster or Attrazione, as this objective isn’t about covering ground quickly (that’s the next objective), but rather it’s about maintaining your momentum, and if you have to turn or otherwise run out of road your progress will be halted just as effectively as if you barrel headlong into another vehicle or obstacle. Taking the long bridge that spans Lake Sebastian and riding it east into the Rojas Desert North provides you with arguably the longest stretch of road that only requires minimal turning.

How to Drive 1,000 Meters in 25 Seconds in Saints Row

The second objective is more bothersome, as you need to actually cover a considerable amount of ground over a short period of time (1,000 meters might not sound like much, but 5,000 to 6,000 meters will just about get you across the entirely playable map), meaning you’ll probably want to do some prep work.

First off, you need a location where you can go as fast as possible for nearly 30 seconds, and one of the few places that are viable is the central bridge spanning Lake Sebastian. It’s more than long enough to serve your purposes and it’s fairly straight. The only bother here is traffic, but with a bit of practice you should learn to thread the needle and drive between lanes… ideally into oncoming traffic, as this will give you a rough counter as to the time you’ve spent on this task, and in our experience NPC vehicles are less likely to change lanes when you’re speeding towards them.

Second, you need a fast vehicle. We used a partially upgraded Attrazione with the Nitrous add-on. The vehicle you can steal in Lakeshore North and Lakeshore South, or you can get one by completing the JimRob’s Venture. Nitrous might not be strictly necessary, but every bit of speed helps - this upgrade will set you back $7,500, and upgrading the vehicle will cost $5,000 for tier 1, $25,000 for tier 2 and $100,000 for tier 3. This can, needless to say, get somewhat pricey (although the necessity of purchasing a tier 3 upgrade for a vehicle as fast as an Attrazione is dubious, at best), so pick a car you’ll want to use regularly.

Once you have the car, take it down to the bridge spanning Lake Sebastian and drive into oncoming traffic, and when you feel like you’re threading the needle accurately, risk a Nitrous burn. Equip the Close Call Perk if you have it, as it’ll cause near misses (which you’ll trigger a lot of driving down the middle of the road!) to refill your boost meter. At this point, a little trial and error and some patience should be all you need to complete this objective.


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