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Saint's Row

Donut Run

Paul McNally

The Donut Run mission in Saints Row (2022) is one of the optional ones the game throws up that doesn’t really progress the storyline and is also another murder ’em-up like the Aggressive Recruiting mission we covered a short while ago. This guide will take you step-by-step through Donut Run in order to get the most out of it.

How To Complete The Donut Run Mission In Saints Row

Donut Run starts off simply enough. Eli calls you to remind you it is your turn to pick up the donuts for the Saints ‘next board meeting so that’s all you need to do. Mission complete…

(1 of 2) You need to grab some tasty donuts for the gang. Why is life not that simple when you are a Saint?

You need to grab some tasty donuts for the gang. Why is life not that simple when you are a Saint? (left), Stand in line and wait your turn. Move forward when the marker moves until you reach the window. (right)

Objective 1 - Get In Line For Donuts / Wait In Line

Unfortunately not. On arrival at Batter Up Donuts, there is a line that you must wait in, so take your position at the back of the queue and wait. There are two people in front of you and as the first one is served you must now move forward a few feet in the line - the mission marker will advance to show you where to stand. When the final person in the queue has been served you can then go up to the donut window and get ready to place your order.

Objective 2 - Survive Until Kev Arrives

Out of nowhere a bystander will pull a gun on you and try to kill you. Kill her. Now you will notice that other bystanders have drawn weapons and are firing at you. Defend yourself. While all this is happening you are on the phone to Kev who tells you that you have been placed on the Wanted app, making you a legitimate target for anybody in the city who wants to make a fast buck by cashing in on your reward. So basically, the entire population is trying to now kill you. Kev tells you he is on his way and you must survive until he gets there.

Anybody here is a target as they are all trying to kill you. Do not stand in the same place for too long as you will quickly gather attention from all sides. Around the side of the donut shop you will find limited cover. Keep moving and shooting until Kev pulls up at the front and tells you he is there. Run to the car and get in.

Objective 3 - Get In Kev’s Car / Survive The Drive

(1 of 2) Every car in the city will now be on your tail. They all need to be dealt with in the same manner.

Every car in the city will now be on your tail. They all need to be dealt with in the same manner. (left), Your ammo is unlimited but other vehicles will be hell-bent on running you off the road. (right)

It so happens that Kev knows the two guys who invented the Wanted app so he’s going on a drive to where they live so that they can take you off it. Unfortunately along the way every single truck, bike, bus, and car will be trying to kill you and you must continually shoot out of the window to blow them up as Kev drives.

The vehicles will come from just about everywhere. Fortunately, you do not have to reload, just keep firing to keep as many of them at bay as you possibly can.

Objective 4 - Talk To Hank & Claude / Get Ready For More

As you get close to where the devs hang out you will be attacked by civilians who will pull up at your location and open fire on you. There are quite a number of them to kill, but once you have cleared the area you can now talk to Hank and Claude who will (eventually) tell you they need a little time to work out how to get you off the app.

While this is happening another large batch of enemies will arrive and must be fended off with you surviving until the boys have managed to remove you from the Wanted app. As soon as they have done that, everybody attacking you will lose interest, and after a brief talk with everybody still standing, you will have completed Donut Run.

You should have added a lot of XP and cash to your totals by the end of this mission.

Unlocked During Donut Run

The following items are unlocked for future missions upon completion of the Donut Run

Unlocked Item
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