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Saint's Row

What are Challenges in Saints Row?

Nathan Garvin

This page explains exactly what Challenges are in Saints Row (2022), including how to unlock new Challenges, how to complete Challenges and what rewards you get for completing Challenges.

How to Complete Challenges in Saints Row

Challenges are nothing new to Saints Row, although there are a few differences in Saints Row (2022) worth covering. Older Saints Row games had challenges for… just about every aspect of gameplay - if a notification for it popped up on the screen, it was probably a Challenge. This included obvious fare like killing certain types of enemies, or killing them in specific ways (headshots, multikills, explosive kills, melee kills, etc), performing driving feets (wheelies, near misses, driving into oncoming traffic) and achieving certain goals during activities, picking up collectibles, etc. That much hasn’t changed for this game, but in Saints Row (2022), Challenges are bundled to include numerous different objectives, all of which must be accomplished in order to complete the Challenge.

For example, to complete the It’s a Living Challenge you must finish all three of its objectives:

  • Complete a Crime of Opportunity.
  • Rob an armored car.
  • Find something in a dumpster.

(1 of 2) Complete Challenges in Saints Row,

Complete Challenges in Saints Row, (left), and you’ll unlock a variety of new Perks. (right)

What Rewards You Get For Completing Challenges

You always had [Achievements], cash and XP to serve as incentives for completing Challenges, and while in Saints Row (2022) you’ll still earn Achievements and XP for completing Challenges, you’ll also earn Perks, giving them unprecedented gameplay importance. Every time you complete a Challenge (not just an objective for a Challenge - all the objectives) you’ll earn a Perk or make progress to earning a Perk. Perks are earned in a linear fashion - you’ll always earn the same Perks in the same order - and some Perks are quite powerful, like Dual Wield, which allows you to equip two pistols or SMGs at the same time, effectively doubling your damage output with those weapons, or Shiny & Chrome which significantly increases the damage you deal when you sideswipe other vehicles.

Suffice to say, unlocking new Perks is very handy, and hence going out of your way to complete Challenges is a worthy endeavor.

How to Unlock New Challenges

Dual Wield is the 20th Perk you’ll unlock. If you include the freebie Tactical Training which you’ll unlock after completing [Making Rent], that means you need to complete nineteen Challenges to unlock Dual Wield. Unfortunately, you only start out with nine Challenges unlocked.

Challenges are based on specific gameplay elements, some of which you’ll need to unlock as you complete Missions and Ventures. Most Challenges will unlock when you complete Missions that increase your Empire Tier, specifically the Missions Networking, [Drawing Heat], [Body of Evidence] and [Good Cop/Bad Cop], while others are Venture-specific. You can’t complete the Challenge Bright Future until you unlock the [Toxic Delivery] Venture activity the Challenge is based on, after all. Simply put, as you play the game and see and do new things, new Challenges will unlock pertaining to those novel gameplay elements.

(1 of 3) Challenges objectives include common gameplay feats like pulling off headshots,

How to Grind Challenges

Since Challenges revolve around completing specific gameplay objectives - often numerous times - the best way to grind most Challenges is to just do activities with that gameplay repeatedly. Most combat Challenges can be farmed by repeatedly completing @TCHA Side Hustles, if you need to complete wingsuit related Challenges, like Wing It, you can always farm the objectives during [Wingsuit Saboteur] Side Hustles. These aren’t necessary, of course, but can provide more controlled environments in which to take care of specific objectives.

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