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Saint's Row

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The Peter Principle

Paul McNally

Things are starting to heat up nicely in Saints Row and as you get further into the game the missions begin to get a little more, shall we say, explosive.

Having been given the job as Head of Security for the Museum earlier on, that is where we will be heading next.

How To Complete The Peter Principle Mission In Saints Row

Use the foillowing steps to complete The Peter Principle and fight off two rival gangs along the way.

Objective 1: Go To The Museum

You will get a call telling you to get over there, so depending on where you are you may need to take a ride to the museum building. As you approach the door you will get a loading screen and find yourself inside the security center with a couple of your guards.

The first day at your new job sees you doing as Atticus commands.

Objective 2: Join The Gala

Follow the mission marker to take you from the bowels of the museum to where the event is taking place. Annoyingly, because you are working and need to maintain an ounce of professionalism, for some reason you can’t run so you will have to move at a snail’s pace instead.

Objective 3: Talk To Atticus

On reaching the museum floor you will need to head over to Atticus who will introduce you to his lady friend, and tell you a little about the Hummingbird Codex that you are here to protect having captured it in the Observe and Report mission earlier. He will then tell you to go an get yourself a drink.

Objective 4: Grab A Drink

Mae your way over to the drinks table and pick up a drink. You will get into trouble with Gwen who tells you you should not be drinking on duty. Finish that conversation and go to pick up a drink anyway and your phone will ring. It’s Neenah telling you the Panteros are about to hit the museum to steal the Codex back.

Objective 5: Defeat Los Panteros

As soon as that happens a large truck will smash through the wall and you are now going to be gunfighting pretty much until the end of the mission. Gwen will open fire too but you will need to do most of the work yourself Switch guns to your shotgun and take systematic aim at the Los Panteros gang members until you have finished them all off.

Once the room is cleared you will get an angry call from Atticus telling you to get it sorted out and quick.

Objective 6: Find The Codex

Follow the mission marker up the stairs and into the back room. Another truck will appear fuji off Panteros that need to be killed.

Now head up the large staircase to the upper floor of the museum. You will then get a cutscene showing that the Idols have now arrived. Great, you now have two rival gangs to defeat in one night.

The Idols and Los Panteros will commence battle with you in the middle of it. There are plenty of people to shoot along the way but you still need to find the Codex above everything else.

Objective 7: Activate The Codex Case

The Codex is housed in a hovering display case. Activating it will make it more forward as you progress through the museum. Approach the Case and activate it and it will begin to move towards the door.

Objective 8: Escort The Codex

As the Codex moves slowly forward you are going to get attacked from all sides. Again, using your shotgun, take out Idols and Panteros as they attack you.

Eventually, the Codex case will start to freak out and you will fall through a glass floor while the Codex remains above you. Now you need to figure out a way to get back up to it.

Having located the rocket you can use it in the cannon to blow the door.

Objective 9: Return To The Codex

In order to get back upstairs, you are going to need to blow up the door with the cage in front of it. Search the room and find the dead Panteros member with a busted rocket launcher and unused rocket next to him. Pick up the rock and head to the Cannon in the middle of the room facing the door. Use the cannon and you will trigger a scene of the door being blown to bits.

Move through the hole in the wall where you will again be attacked by a large number of gang members from both parties. You need to kill them all. There are cover points handily placed should you require them.

Objective 10: Pick Up The Mini-Gun

Eventually, you will come to a room with a mini0gun on the floor. Collect that and open fire on the door to your right to blow through it.

Once inside there kill the remaining Los Panteros with the mini-gun (which should really make short work of the job) and complete the mission, even if the museum is a little less in one piece than it was when you started.


  • Personal and Professional Failure

Chalk off another mission on your way to the top.

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