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How to Complete the JimRob's Garage Venture

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to complete the JimRob’s Venture in Saints Row, including walkthroughs for every Chop Shop vehicle theft.

How to Unlock JimRob’s

JimRob’s is a Venture in Saints Row - the first Venture you’ll unlock in fact. You’ll have to complete the Mission A Piece of the Action to advance the main questline, at the end of which you’ll unlock JimRob’s.

(1 of 3) The JimRob's Venture activities follow largely the same format - track down the target vehicle,

While it’ll take a few more Missions before Threats unlock, you can start working on the tasks you’ll need to complete the JimRob’s Venture immediately. Namely, you’ll need to complete eleven Chop Shop events, which require you to go out, find a specific vehicle, steal it, and return it to JimRob’s garage. Each vehicle delivered will earn you some cash and XP, and finishing all these tasks will net you even more. If that’s not good enough, completing this venture willl double the amount of money you earn from JimRob’s every hour (you’ll earn $2,000/hour instead of $1,000/hour). Of course, claiming these vehicles isn’t a matter of merely taking a scenic drive - your bout of grand theft auto will be opposed by the police, or by a rival gang, depending on who owns the vehicle. Once you hijack a target vehicle you’ll gain Notoriety, and this will persist until the vehicle is delivered or destroyed, so you’ll have to fend off pursuers as you return to JimRob’s garage.

Vehicle Location Reward
Hammerhead West Providencia 750 XP, $500, Improved Air Control
Skorpio Idols Territory 750 XP, $500
Attrazione Marina West 750 XP, $500
Shifty El Dorado 750 XP, $500
Courser Rojas Desert South 750 XP, $500
Gargantua Rojas Desert South 750 XP, $500
Crisis East Flats 750 XP, $500
Fer de Lance Monte Vista 1,500 XP, $3,000
Phoenix Badlands North 1,500 XP, $3,000
MDI-525C Marshall Territory 1,500 XP, $3,000

(1 of 2) You can find a Hammerhead parked near JimRob's garage.

You can find a Hammerhead parked near JimRob's garage. (left), Grab it and take it back to the garage. (right)

Heist 1 - Steal a Hammerhead

The first vehicle JR wants you to nab is a Hammerhead, and as your first vehicle heist, it’s a suitably simple task. You’ll find these vehicles rolling around West Providencia - you’ll probably see several of their icons (a white car icon on your minimap) just outside of the garage, and at least one will probably be parked within easy walking distance. Grab one and you’ll get level 2 police Notoriety, but being so close to JimRob’s garage you should have little trouble getting the Hammerhead back in one piece.

(1 of 2) The static location for a Skorpio is deep in the Rojas Desert North region, but you can often find one driving about Old Town East and Old Town West.

The static location for a Skorpio is deep in the Rojas Desert North region, but you can often find one driving about Old Town East and Old Town West. (left), Wherever you find it you'll need to defeat some Idols to apprehend the Skorpio. (right)

Heist 2 - Steal a Skorpio

Your second target, a Skorpio, won’t be found as close to JimRob’s as the Hammerhead was. The static location you’ll be directed to is in the far northeastern corner of the map, in the Rojas Desert North region, but you can usually find them driving around Old Town East and Old Town West. If you find one ahead of time, try and steal it and save yourself some driving, if not, it’s a long way back to JimRob’s. You’ll likely have to kill some Idols to claim one, and more will pursue you as you return to JimRob’s.

Heist 3 - Steal the Attrazione

One of the easier vehicle theft targets, you’ll be tasked with heading to the northwestern end of the Marina West district to find an Attrazione, specifically one belonging to Atticus Marshall’s nephew, Levi Marshall. Like most rich folk in the Santo Ileso area, he lives on the high ground surrounding the city, and that’s where you’ll find his car - just northwest of the School of Art and Design store. Once you’ve stolen the vehicle, you’ll find the Attrazione is an incredibly fast vehicle, almost to the point of being difficult to control. Still, even using most of the Attrazione’s speed you should find the trip back to JimRob’s garage a quick one, and Levi’s Attrazione has nitrous installed if you want to make a quick ride even quicker.

(1 of 3) Your fourth vehicle theft is a humble go-kart.

Heist 4 - Steal the Lucky Number 7 Go-Kart

One of the most difficult vehicle thefts you’ll have to do for JimRob’s, you’ll be tasked with stealing a specific go-kart. While the objective hasn’t changed - find the target vehicle, hijack it, drive it back to JimRob’s garage - the difficulty with this heist is due entirely to the qualities of the vehicle itself. The go-kart you need to steal (a “Shifty”) isn’t very fast or durable, and it tends to lose control when you sideswipe with it. This makes the police chasing you a legitimate threat. Even worse, you can’t really make much use of an ally, as this vehicle isn’t a two-seater (you can bring them along and hope they hijack their own vehicle to follow you, but their assistance is dubious, at best).

You can’t rely on ramming other vehicles, you probably won’t be outrunning your pursuers, your allies will be of limited utility, and the go-kart isn’t durable enough to just ignore the police. If you refuse to drop the difficulty down to compensate, you’ve no other option but to try to shoot down pursuers yourself. The [1921 Johnson SMG] with its Signature Ability unlocked and a few upgrades purchased performs well for this specific task, and even if your aim is poor as long as you can hit enemy vehicles you should be able to whittle them down fairly quickly. Just be wary, as shooting them when they’re close to you can also damage your go-kart.

With some halfway decent shooting, luck and perseverance, you should eventually get the scraps of the go-kart back to JimRob’s. It’s his problem now.

(1 of 2) Seek out the Courser in the western corner of Rojas Desert South.

Seek out the Courser in the western corner of Rojas Desert South. (left), The Courser has few liabilities as a vehicle, so driving it back to JimRob's should present little trouble. (right)

Heist 5 - Courser

A bog-standard vehicle theft, and a nice reprieve after the go-kart debacle. This time you’re tasked with sniping a yellow Courser, which can be found along the western edge of Rojas Desert South. Once you grab it, it’s a relatively short drive back to JimRob’s with a level 2 police Notoriety keeping things mildly interesting.

(1 of 2) You'll find the target vehicle in the southeastern reaches of Rojas Desert South.

You'll find the target vehicle in the southeastern reaches of Rojas Desert South. (left), Enemy vehicles who get too close will end up flattened. (right)

Heist 6 - Steal a Monster Truck

The next request is a monster truck, which you’ll find in the southeastern corner of the map, in the Rojas Desert South region. There are a few oddities with this heist: first, the vehicle is guarded, so you’ll have to deal with some Los Panteros gangers before you take it, and second… well, you’re stealing a monster truck. The Gargantua is fairly durable and will crush anything in its path, and the last bit is something of a double-edged sword.

You’ll get level 2 Notoriety when you steal the Gargantua, but any Los Panteros vehicle that approaches will quickly find itself flattened. This creates a negative feedback loop with Los Panteros Notoriety, which will only increase as your escape attempt goes on. You may be tempted to recklessly make your way back to JimRob’s, but this approach has its own pitfalls, as the Gargantua, while durable, isn’t terribly stable; getting Los Panteros vehicles under your wheels tends to cause you to lose control, so you should drive at a measured pace and be wary of bridges.

You should also take pains to avoid civilian vehicles, as the Gargantua will crush them just as readily as any Los Panteros vehicle, and this will earn you police Notoriety. Having Los Panteros chase you is bad enough, you don’t need the police involved, too.

Drive safe, avoid civilians, and let Los Panteros flatten themselves under your wheels. As long as you don’t get reckless you should make it back to the garage in one piece, and without too much fuss.

(1 of 2) Grab a Crisis parked in the East Flats region,

Grab a Crisis parked in the East Flats region, (left), the difficulty comes not from the car itself, but rather the long trip back to JimRob's and the large bridge you have to cross. (right)

Heist 7 - Steal the Crisis

A relatively simple vehicle theft, you need to grab a Crisis from the East Flats region. The Crisis is a capable vehicle, so the only difficulty for this heist will come from the distance you have to drive, and the fact that much of the return trip will take you across the large central bridge spanning Lake Sebastian. One bad collision can cause you to end up in the water, and this car doesn’t swim very well. If you want to avoid this complication, you can drive south then east across the bridge that connects El Dorado to Mercado, or just bring some allies along so they can shoot pursuing cars and mitigate the need for you to ram them.

(1 of 2) You'll find a Fer de Lance parked near the rich houses on the heights of Monte Vista.

You'll find a Fer de Lance parked near the rich houses on the heights of Monte Vista. (left), Despite being sporty, the Fer de Lance's performance is fairly standard. (right)

Heist 8 - Steal the Fer de Lance

Another easy theft, you need to head to the heights of Monte Vista and steal a Fer de Lance. This vehicle is similar to an Attrazione, save unlike Levi’s former car, this Fer de Lance doesn’t have nitrous. Take a shortcut down the mountain to speed things up, after which it’s a short and quick trip back to JimRob’s.

(1 of 2) Find a red Phoenix on the edge of the Badlands North region.

Find a red Phoenix on the edge of the Badlands North region. (left), Jump a ramp over the water to shorten your trip back to JimRob's garage. (right)

Heist 9 - Steal the Phoenix

The penultimate vehicle heist, this time you need to steal and deliver a red Phoenix located in the Badlands North. This is another capable vehicle, so any difficulties you face will come from the long drive back and the potential for random open world shenanigans and bad luck. As soon as you hijack this car you can jump the river to the southeast using a thoughtfully provided ramp, which will shorten your drive somewhat. Otherwise it should be pretty smooth sailing.

(1 of 3) The suggested target can be found deep in the Badlands North region,

Heist 10 - Steal the Marshall APC

JimRob wants to do a favor for an old Marshall friend, and that involves stealing a Marshall APC (a “MDI-525C”). If you follow the rules you’ll need to head to a Marshall facility in the northwestern corner of the map - the Badlands North area. Once there, fight past some Marshall guards, grab the APC and drive through the desert, into the city and back to JimRob’s.

There are some complications, though. This is a long drive and you’ll have level 4 Marshall Notoriety during your escape. This means you’ll constantly be hounded by Marshall vehicles, including enemy APCs, and these ones will be fully crewed and capable of firing at you via their turrets. You can even the odds by bringing allies to man the turret for you, which will help matters somewhat. You can also try to avoid fighting the Marshall guards near the APC, as damage dealt to the APC during the firefight will make it more difficult to get it back to JimRob’s safely.

There’s another option, however; just like the Skorpio you stole from the Idols, you don’t actually need to get the marked APC - any Marshall APC will do. Just cruise around Marshall territory and when you find an APC (they’ll be marked by white car icons on your minimap), hijack it and drive it back. This can potentially halve the the distance and drastically increase your odds of getting back to JimRob’s garage in one piece.

Once you’ve delivered the Marshall APC, you’re done with this Venture. Just head behind the garage and talk to JR to claim your reward, which includes 5,000 XP, $30,000 and the following:

  • JimRob’s Crew Outfits - two generic Saints crew models (male and female).
  • JimRob’s Attrazione - a customized Attrazione, accessible from any garage.
  • Vehicle Delivery - summon any stored vehicles via the “Contacts” app on your phone.
  • JimRob Statue - a Large Collectible.


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