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Saint's Row

What is Flow in Saints Row?

Nathan Garvin

This page explains everything you might wish to know about Flow in Saints Row (2022), including what Flow actually is, how to recover Flow, and how to increase your maximum Flow.

(1 of 2) You recover Flow by damaging enemies - in larger fights, your Flow will recover quickly, allowing you to spam Skills.

You recover Flow by damaging enemies - in larger fights, your Flow will recover quickly, allowing you to spam Skills. (left), While you originally start out with two units of Flow, you’ll gain more as you level up due to “Flow Upgrade” passive skills. (right)

What is Flow in Saints Row?

Veterans of the Saints Row series will recall that Saints Flow was a “ass-tasting energy drink” devised by the Saints/Ultor Media Group sometime before Saints Row the Third, during the lamentable period of time when the Saints found greater, more comfortable success as celebrities than as criminals. Rather than let an idea go to waste, “Flow” has been repurposed in Saints Row (2022), now appearing as a resource that powers the use of your Skills… it’s essentially Magic Points. Your current Flow is indicated by diamonds over your Health bar on the bottom right of the screen - yellow diamonds indicate a full unit of Flow, while black diamonds indicate potential, unfilled Flow.

How to Gain More Flow and Recover Flow

You will start the game with two units of Flow, but as you level up you’ll unlock Flow Upgrade passive skills (levels 8, 14 and 20) which will each increase your maximum Flow by one unit. Active Skills consume between one and three points of Flow per use, so it’s a fairly limited resource that’ll inhibit your ability to freely spam Skills. Since Skills in Saints Row (2022) covers everything from throwing smoke grenades and frag grenades, laying proximity mines, summoning disposable Saints to assist you in combat, leeching health from enemies and using a sniper rifle (just to summarize a few active Skills) you’ll find yourself using Skills - and hence spending Flow - regularly.

You gain Flow by damaging enemies in combat, even from Skills that otherwise consume Flow! The rate of Flow recovery is fairly significant, so expect your Flow to fluctuate during larger, more hectic firefights. You’ll use skills quite frequently, and the better you perform, the more freely the Flow will… well, Flow. By default your Flow degrades over time, but the Perk In the Flow will ensure that only Skill usage depletes your Flow.

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