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Saint's Row

Take Me To Church

Paul McNally

Everything you have done to date feels like it has been leading up to this mission. Taking on Los Panteros and the Idols in Be Your Own Boss has given your crew new-found confidence to take strides in the world, and Take Me To Church is all about setting up the new gang on the block.

(1 of 4) After a team meeting, it is decided that the gang needs a new HQ in order to be taken seriously.

How To Complete Take Me To Church Mission In Saints Row

Complete the foillowing steps to complete Take Me To Church and start your journey as the top gang in the city.

Objective 1: Get In The Car

After the cutscene and leaving the apartment you are the one chosen to drive the car - it’s actually the truck parked at the end of the lot outside the apartment, so head for that one.

Objective 2: Take Your Friends To See The Church

Having decided on the possible location for your new base you now need to drive everybody to the derelict church. From the apartment, it is about 1200m so it won’t take an overly long time, especially if you don’t obey the traffic rules and regulations. There are a lot of open roads along the way so you can boost your XP by driving on the wrong side of the road and practicing your near-miss techniques to boost your character quicker.

Objective 3: Go To The Church

When you get to the church’s location, drive up the path towards the door. You will notice that you are on a demolition site and that it looks like the old building is scheduled to be torn down - something that will definitely scupper your best-laid plans. You will get a cut-scene here as your gang decides what to do next.

(1 of 2) Hop into the digger and trash the construction site with the scoop on the vehicle.

Hop into the digger and trash the construction site with the scoop on the vehicle. (left), Marshall officers will turn up to try and stop you but they can be squashed too. (right)

Objective 4: Destroy The Construction Site

If you are going to make this place your own you are going to need to scare off the construction workers intent on knocking the place down. Hop into the digger and raise the scoop using the platform-dependent keybind shown on the screen. Now all you need to do is trash the place. A yellow status bar will appear in the top left of the screen showing how much of the site you still need to level.

As you smash through containers, stores, and equipment the yellow bar will fill up so just keep looking for things to destroy.

Objective 5: Defeat Marshall Security

During your wreck fest, security guards from Marshall will attempt to stop you in your tracks and will have to be dispatched, Saints Row style. Most will appear in some form of golf-buggy vehicle that can easily be ridden over with your digger for maximum effect. Once you have killed them all continue wrecking the place until your yellow bar is completely filled to the right.

Objective 6: Find Blande

Having discovered that the developer is John Blande you now need to turn up the heat on him to get him to hand over the deeds to the church. After a quick phone call, you deduce he can be found at City Hall, so it’s time to take a short trip with Kev to use your powers of persuasion on the businessman. So head on over to City Hall in any vehicle you can find - there is a construction flatbed truck to the right-hand side if you are struggling to find anything suitable.

Objective 7: Get In Blande’s Car

Upon arrival, you will see Blande in the back of his car. Jack it and throw out the driver and now it is time to put the frighteners on him. The way we are going to scare Blande is by driving at full pelt and hitting the drift button to make the car spin round and shake him up a bit. Once again a yellow bar will appear showing you how much more you have to do to complete this section.

Objective 8: Drive To The Highway And In The Oncoming Lane

The developer John Blande needs to be scared into handing the deeds over to you.

It seems all your drifting hasn’t done the trick so follow the road markers to the highway and drive into oncoming traffic until the yellow bar is once again completely full. It’s not exactly difficult as you can generally fit between the oncoming cars but if you go too slowly, Blande will be able to open the door and escape, forcing a restart from the Checkpoint which is at the start of the Drifting section.

Objective 9: Jump In The Car

Still not scared enough, you have one last trick up your sleeve. Head to the graveyard and drive the car over any mound of earth you find to make it jump and fly through the air. Fill the yellow bar for a final time and Blande will finally relent and hand over the deeds to get away from you. It was a little bit of a grind to get there but it’s done now so drive back to the church with the deeds.

Objective 10: Find A Way Into The Church

Despite getting the deeds you didn’t think to get a key, so you need to find a way into the building so you can let your friends in. Head around to the left and you will see a container you can jump on top of. Follow the ramp up to the roofline and make your way around the roof. When it seems like you can go no further, back up a little and go round the back of the tower and you will find a way in. Now all you need to do is drop down a few levels and you will get to the church door from the inside and let everybody else in.

Objective 11:

Unfortunately, while all the above was happening Kev had a call from the Idols who are intent on coming round to trash up your new HQ with a big party. As you open the door the first batch will be arriving on a bike. Take them out quickly - if you don’t one of them will turn out to be the type that has the flailing glowsticks and they are a pain to kill, so shoot them before they get off.
After you have removed this first wave you will hear Kev saying he is being overrun by Idols in the graveyard. You only have a short time to get around there and help out or else it’s back to a Checkpoint, to make your way round to the right of the building and through to the graveyard.

Here you will find more Idols including a couple circling on bikes. You need to kill all of them before you will get a shout that Eli is now being overrun inside the church. Again you have a limited time to reach the location to head inside. The room where the action is happening is to the right. Eli is unarmed so you need to protect him too and kill all the Idols to complete the mission.

You now have your very own HQ, gang name, and even a fancy logo. A good day’s work indeed.

Unlocked During Take Me To Church

The following items are unlocked for future missions upon completion of the Take Me To Church mission.

Unlocked Item
The Saints saints.jpg
Saints HQ saintshq.jpg
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