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Saint's Row

What are Discoveries in Saints Row?

Nathan Garvin

This explains what Discoveries are in Saints Row (2022), including how to locate and complete them, and the rewards you gain for doing so.

There are multiple tiers of busywork in Saints Row (2022), and Discoveries are just about at the bottom of the list as far as importance goes. These are the generic open world tasks you’ll find in this sort of game, and Discoveries come in two broad categories: standard, non-repeatable Discoveries (marked on the map by a yellow diamond) and random, repeatable Discoveries (marked by various white icons, depending on the type of event). While you probably won’t be reminiscing about all the profound, memorable Discoveries you cleared in Saints Row in the years ahead, they do serve some purpose, namely being easy sources of cash and XP.

Your standard Discoveries come in a variety of types and are marked by yellow diamonds.

How to Find and Complete Discoveries

Before you can complete a Discovery you must… well, discover it. They can be found littered throughout Santo Ileso, and simply passing neary one should suffice to mark it on your map. If you highlight a region on your map you’ll also be informed of how many Discoveries remain in said region… at least, how many non-repeatable Discoveries remain.

The most common sorts of Discoveries include [Dumpster Diving], [Drug Pallet Pickup] and [Photo Hunt] events, which are little more than low-stakes treasure hunts. They’ll each be covered in more detail on their own (linked) pages, but generally Dumpster Diving spots require you to find some dumpster at street level, Drug Pallets can be found on rooftops (most of the time you can just jump up and grab them) while Photo Hunts require you to find some object or graffiti of interest and take a picture of it. [Hidden History] events are a little more complicated, as you’ll get a search area where you need to track down five info boards and activate them all to learn about the site in question… so another treasure hunt, just with more running around aimlessly searching for your objective.

Other Discoveries - including Crimes of Opportunity and Armored Cars - can be randomly found throughout Santo Ileso and can be completed multiple time.

Crimes of Opportunity and Armored Trucks

In addition to the Discoveries marked by yellow diamonds on your map there’s another category of random, repeatable Discoveries you can stumble across. These Discoveries consist of either Crimes of Opportunity or Armored Truck events, which are marked by a white money bag icon or white truck icon on your map. If you have the desire to complete these, deal with them when you see them, as they won’t persist indefinitely, but they will randomly spawn across the map as you travel.

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