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Saint's Row

Idol Threat

Paul McNally

The unlikeable Idols gang are up to no good again and this guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Saints Row (2022) mission, Idol Threat in the best possible way.

How To Complete The Idol Threat Mission In Saints Row

After agreeing to meet Kevin to binge-watch their favorite show, Kev fails to return home after he is kidnapped by the Idols, intent on making him pay for his defection to the Saints. So now it is up to the rest of the Saints to group together to find their missing friend.

Objective 1 - Talk To Eli - Find Kevin

After it becomes apparent that Kevin has not returned back to the Church and is without his inhaler, The Boss heads over to the Snake Oil Saloon to track him down. Along the way, he calls Kev and somebody else answers but his suspicions are not raised until arriving at the saloon and seeing a large number of Idols vehicles parked outside.

Objective 2 - Get Some Answers / Bar Fight

(1 of 2) This guy does not want to talk so use a little gentle persuasion.

This guy does not want to talk so use a little gentle persuasion. (left), A full-on bar brawl ensues with fists flying absolutely everywhere. (right)

On entering the saloon it becomes obvious that Kev is not there so you need to get some answers to find your friend. Pick on the Idol at the jukebox and rough him up, which will start a huge bar fight.

There are no weapons used here so you just need to beat on every Idol in the joint with your bare hands, trying to find one that will talk. No joy. Head out of the door at the back and you will hear Kev’s phone ringing. When you answer it turns out to be Eli who you fill in on the problem.

Objective 3 - Shoot Until Somebody Talks - Find The Survivor

You will now be attacked by Idols, this time you can use your gun and need to shoot them all. There is a mini-boss to the left that should be taken out sooner rather than later. The rest are just cannon fodder. You will however kill them all and still have no answers so must go on the hunt for a survivor, who you will locate in the portable toilet close to the road.

He won’t come out and nor will he talk so you are going to have to find a way to persuade him.

Objective 4 - Wreck The Idols’ Camp

Trash the Idols’ camp by dragging the portable toilet around and smashing everything up.

Hooking up a cable to the toilet and the car you now need to drag the toilet all the way to the Idols’ camp. It’s not too far and you have done this dragging mechanism before, also in an earlier Idols’ mission. Once at the camp you need to wreck it by driving over everything and making sure the toilet flattens as much of the camp as possible. Everything is fair game - tents, gazebos, toilets, and gang members. You are shown a bar in the top left that highlights how much of the camp you need to raize to the ground before the ideal you are pulling finally gives up and tells you where Kevin is being held.

Objective 5 - Get To The Santo Ileso Sign

The Idols are planning to blow Kev up along with the sign that overlooks the city, but that is something you are not going to let happen. Drive to the sign following the road markers. You will be attacked by Idols in vehicles along the way, but do not let them distract you, just keep driving.

Objective 6 - Go Up The Sign / Disarm The Bombs

(1 of 4) Make your way up the metal stairway, disarming any explosives you locate en route.

When you get to the sign a timer will start. It is rigged with explosives, so make your way up the stairs killing the waves of Idols that will try to prevent your progress. There are four explosive devices you need to disarm along the way, three are on the stairs and the other is at the very top behind Kevin.

A Collective member will harass you from a helicopter, but ignore them, you can’t hurt them at this stage. At the top, kill any remaining Idols, disarm the final bomb and untie Kevin. Now you are going to teach the idols a lesson that nobody messes with the Saints.

Objective 7 - Crash The Party

The Idols are holding a party not far from the sign to celebrate blowing it up. Take a leap off the top of the structure and activate your wingsuit when told. Try and fly as close to the party as you can and immediately open fire on the Idols there.

When you have cleared this first section, make your way up the stairs (following the neon light strip) and now you will face a member of The Collective and his goons. The helicopter will land as you move into the area and now you can damage them. The only way to complete this objective is obvious - kill everybody. Take out the footsoldiers first so you can concentrate on the Collective and then finish them off, completing the mission.

Completing this mission will give Kevin a combat boost which will come in handy later in the game.

Unlocked During Idol Threat

The following items are unlocked for future missions upon completion of the Idol Threat

Unlocked Item
Idol Star Launcher starlauncher.jpg
Idols Memento idolmementon.jpg
Friend Combat Boost (Kev) threatcombat.jpg
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