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Saint's Row

How to Complete the Bright Future Venture

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to complete the Bright Future Disposal Venture in Saints Row, including details about the Toxic Delivery activity.

You can establish the Bright Future Venture at the end of the Mission Networking, or any time afterwards.

How to Unlock Bright Future Disposal

Bright Future Disposal is a Venture in Saints Row. You can establish this Venture after completing the Mission Networking, but it’ll set you back $30,000.

There are 15 Toxic Delivery events in the game, some of which will only appear as you complete other Toxic Delivery activities.

How to Complete Toxic Delivery Events

Like with most other Ventures, Bright Future Disposal will, once established, generate you a passive income every hour. At first this is a mere $1,250, but should you complete all the Threats in the district where this Venture is located it’ll double to $2,500/hour. You can further increase this passive income to $3,750/hour by completing all the Venture activities, which are unique to each Venture. In the case of Bright Future Disposal, you’ll need to complete thirteen Toxic Delivery Venture activities (out of a possible fifteen).

To summarize, here’s a rundown of how each of these events will play out:

  • Head to a Toxic Delivery event icon on the map.
  • Find the abandoned Toxic Delivery truck.
  • Kill any toxic zombies near the truck - most events won’t have this.
  • Drive slowly and safely back to the Bright Future disposal grounds (location varies depending on where you established it)
  • If your truck takes damage, drive the rest of the way quickly and recklessly to avoid losing barrels.
  • Profit.

A more detailed explanation follows:

Seek out the purple truck icons on your map that mark each Toxic Delivery event (not to be confused with the [Repossession] and [Chalupacabra] markers) - the first one is found north-of-center in the Marina West district, and you must complete this activity before more will populate across Santo Ileso.

(1 of 3) Near each Toxic Delivery event marker you should find some tracks,

When you approach this first Toxic Delivery event in Marina West your boss will exchange chatter with Jersey Dan, the NPC who will perform what little narrative work is required for this Venture. The truck is gone, but some suspicious green goo leads up a dirt road into the mountains. Before you can deliver the waste to the dump site, you’ll need to find the truck. You can follow the glowing green tracks to find the truck, and pretty much every Toxic Delivery event starts with a minor scavenger hunt of this sort. As the game suggests it’ll be easier to spot the glowing green trails at night, but you’re in no way required to be nocturnal for this, nor are the trucks obscure enough to really require the assistance. A geiger counter will click angrily at you when you approach a Toxic Delivery truck, but by the time this device kicks in you’ll have probably already seen the vehicle, so it’s more flavor than actual assistance.

Once you locate the truck in the mountains, hop in and you’ll get more chatter describing the next phase of this activity, along with some proper tutorial popups. Volatility is the name of the game here, these toxic barrels are poorly secured and just need a little agitation before they start popping off. Basically anything that damages the vehicle will cause the barrels to start exploding, and once they start they won’t stop until they’ve all popped. There are twelve barrels in each truck, and if they all erupt, you’ll fail the activity.

(1 of 2) If you drive (relatively) slow and safe you should have no trouble delivering your truck intact.

If you drive (relatively) slow and safe you should have no trouble delivering your truck intact. (left), Youll receive a reward for every barrel delivered, and a bonus for a perfect delivery. (right)

Fortunately, damaging a vehicle isn’t incredibly easy - you can get into low speed collisions with other vehicles and with relatively fragile and lightweight objects like stop lights, traffic signs, small trees, trash cans and other junk that often litters the road. That said, striking other vehicles or sturdier objects at speed will destabilize the toxic goop you’re hauling, creating a destructive chain reaction that you cannot stop, only mitigate. To avoid popping your cargo, drive slowly and safely; your biggest threat (besides sheer impatience) will be the AI sharing the road with you, as they like to merge lanes without warning and almost all of them grow violently discontent with even normal traffic stalls. If you’re reasonably skilled at driving, consider driving down the center of the road whenever feasible, as this will mitigate the danger posed by other vehicles randomly shifting lanes, making intersections the most likely spot for collisions. For each barrel you deliver safely you’ll earn $250, with a $2,500 bonus for a perfect delivery (total of $5,500).

If your truck is damaged during the delivery, the unstable barrels will start to explode. Throw caution to the wind and try to return to the dump site as fast as possible, as speed stabilizes the toxin.

While you’re incentivized for driving slowly and safely, all is not lost if something goes awry. Once you upset the barrels by taking damage, one will explode and the rest will be primed for a chain reaction. At this point you need to change tactics completely and drive fast, as speed will, for some reason, keep the volatility in check and prevent the rest of the barrels from exploding. Slow down and volatility will build up, causing another barrel to pop. Throw caution to the wind and keep moving - as long as you make it back with at least one barrel left you’ll complete the event. This is less than ideal, obviously, as you’ll gain less money, but it’s not the end of the world. Especially if you’re on pace to complete [Bright Future] anyways.

By default there are no cops or gangs fighting you during these events, although you can certainly provoke them with shoddy driving. You may also have to kill several toxic zombies before claiming the Toxic Delivery truck, but these are rare enough to the point where they won’t really play much of a role in completing Toxic Delivery events. Just try not to get the Toxic Delivery truck caught in the crossfire.

Once you deliver your first truckload of toxic waste the map will populate with more Toxic Delivery events, mostly in the interior of Santo Ileso. Once you’ve delivered four more (for a total of five) more Toxic Delivery events will appear, some of these being found in the Badlands and the Rojas Desert regions. Finish a total of thirteen Toxic Delivery events and you’ll be told to return to Jersey Dan. Meet up with him to finish the Venture - you can still complete the remaining two Toxic Delivery events at a later date if you wish.

Finish thirteen Toxic Delivery events to complete the Venture and earn a reward.

Talk to Jersey Dan after completing thirteen Toxic Delivery events and you’ll earn 5,000 XP, $30,000 and the following:

  • Bright Future Crew Outfits - two generic Saints crew models (male and female).
  • Toxic Waste Truck - a customized Mule, accessible from any garage.
  • Hazmat Suit, Bright Future - a Full Body outfit, equippable via the “Styles” app on your phone.
  • JimRob Statue - a Small Collectible.


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