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Saint's Row

How to Complete the Terminal Velocity Challenge

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to unlock and complete the Terminal Velocity Challenge in Saints Row.

How to Unlock and Complete the Terminal Velocity Challenge

Terminal Velocity is a Challenge in Saints Row that will unlock after you complete the mission [Drawing Heat]. It tasks you with completing three objectives:

  • Free fall (5,000 meters)
  • Get (600 seconds of) airtime in Lakeshore North
  • Wingsuit (1,000 meters) in Lakeshore South

A collection of aerial objectives, these tasks are not created equal.

How to Free Fall

Free falling is simple - let gravity do its thing and don’t deploy your Wingsuit. Grab some flying vehicle from the helipad at Saints HQ, fly as high as you can by holding DualSense-ButtonSquare / Xbox-ButtonX, then bail by pressing DualSense-ButtonTriangle / Xbox-ButtonY. Fall as long as you dare and when your survival instincts kick in press DualSense-ButtonCross / Xbox-ButtonA to deploy your Wingsuit. You can only get around 400 meters of free fall time per jump, so this will take a few flights to achieve. That said, it’s not region-specific, so you can just ignore it and let the free fall counter increment normally. You’ll likely get at least some free fall distance every time you jump or fall, and while slow, it does add up over time.

While tedious, jumping with a stationary vehicle is the simplest way to get airtime in Lakeshore North.

How to Get Airtime in Lakeshore North

Surprisingly the most obnoxious of these objectives, mostly because Lakeshore is distressingly flat and free of ramps. There are ramps you can use in Badlands North that will jump you into Lakeshore North, but the drive time per trip just isn’t worth it for the 2~ seconds of air time you’ll get.

There doesn’t seem to be a quick way to accrue the airtime you need in this district, but with a bit of preparation you can get a somewhat reliable way of grinding this out. All you need is an vehicle with the “Jump” Signature Ability - the good ol’ Ridgelord will suffice. To unlock this Signature Ability you’ll need to perform three barrel rolls, which you can perform by finding a ramp, speeding over it, and when you’re in the air hold down the DualSense-ButtonCross / Xbox-ButtonA button and pull the left analog stick to the right DualSense-Stick-L-Right. Provided you got enough speed - and hence, air - you should perform a barrel roll. Do this three times to unlock the Jump Signature Ability and be sure to activate it at a garage.

Now that you have a proper vehicle, head to the southeastern end of the Lakeshore North district, which happens to be a large, sparsely occupied park. All you have to do is perform repeated jumps with your vehicle by pressing DualSense-L1 / Xbox-BumperLeft. Each jump will get you about 1.5 seconds of airtime, so you’ll be here a while performing jumps. On the plus side, you don’t need to drive anywhere, you don’t have to deal with traffic, vehicle durability or the police and Marshall. It’s safe, it’s mindless, it’s boring, but it works. A few minutes of jumping and you’ll complete this objective.

How to Wingsuit in Lakeshore North

Likely the least time consuming objective for Terminal Velocity, you can go about accruing Wingsuit distance in a similar fashion to free fall distance. Get a helicopter, fly to the northeastern end of Lakeshore North, jump out of your aircraft and glide southwest down the length of Lakeshore North. If you don’t cover 1,000 meters in one glide, repeat the process above.

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