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Saint's Row

How to Find The Bones of Kavanagh County in Saints Row

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to find the Bones of Kavanagh County (AKA the “Bony Car Parts”) in Saints Row, including the locations of all the Lost Wheel Discoveries that yield one of the components for the Bones of Kavanagh County.

Hunt down all five components for The Bones of Kavanagh County to unearth a mighty monster truck!

How to Find and Assemble the Bones of Kavanagh County in Saints Row

The Bones of Kavanagh County is a unique vehicle in Saints Row, which can be obtained by finding all its five components scattered throughout the desert. Once all the components are obtained, this vehicle will automatically be assembled and you’ll be able to drive and customize it by visiting your garage, just like any other vehicle (it’ll be stored as a [Heavyweight] monster truck). You can find the components by looting Lost Wheels Discoveries which, in this case of this vehicle, are found scattered throughout the Badlands North, Badlands South, Rojas Desert North and Rojas Desert South regions.

Consult the map below to find all five Lost Wheels you’ll need to loot to unlock this vehicle.

The location of the five Lost Wheels which will yield components of The Bones of Kavanagh County monster truck when searched.

  • Oversized, Heavy-Duty Tires: Along the northwestern edge of the Rojas Desert North region, southeast of the Woodbrush Country Club shop. You’ll find this Lost Wheel on a hill overlooking an elevated rail bridge.

  • Dual Nitrous Injectors: On the northern end of an island in the middle of a lake west of the center of the Rojas Desert North region. There are three Drug Pallets strewn south of this Lost Wheel.

  • Titanium Roll Cage: Along the southwestern end of the Rojas Desert South region you’ll find Cranston Dam, which should be easily identifiable on your map (the gray marker stretching off the boundary of the map does rather give it away). Make your way to the dam’s parking lot, descend some metal stairs, then head to the southern edge of the dam, to find this Lost Wheel alongside some metal fans.

  • 1500 Horsepower Big Block Engine: Along the eastern end of the Badlands North region, on an island in a lake north of the Lakeshore North region. This is the largest (and western-most) of several such islands. You’ll find this Lost Wheel on the northeastern end of the island.

  • Prehistoric Steer Skull: Along the eastern end of the Badlands South region, south of El Dorado (more specifically, south of the Go Kart Go! shop in El Dorado), you’ll find three Lost Wheels. This is the northeasternmost of the three, and it can be found in the scrub just off the road.

Excavate the five components to this skull-riffic vehicle and it’ll be automatically reassembled in your garage, where it’ll be listed as a [Heavyweight] monster truck. A monster truck with a massive horned skull forming the upper half of the chassis, what more could a kid want? It’s got solid all-round state, comes with an Off-Road Kit installed (either that or its large tires means it doesn’t need one) and it’ll pancake most normal vehicles it comes into contact with. An ideal vehicle for a gang boss who doesn’t care about collateral damage, who thinks safe driving is overrated, and who wants to future-proof their ride in case they end up in a post-apocalyptic desert setting. It can learn the “Jump” [Signature Ability] by performing three Barrel Rolls.

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