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How to Complete the Bright Future Challenge

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to unlock and complete the Bright Future Challenge in Saints Row.

How to Unlock and Complete the Bright Future Challenge

Bright Future is a Challenge in Saints Row that will unlock after you establish the Bright Future Venture, which can be done at the end of the Mission Networking or anytime thereafter. The Bright Future Challenge tasks you with completing two objectives:

  • Complete a perfect toxic barrel delivery.
  • Deliver 60 toxic barrels.

Drive safe and slow and deliver all twelve barrels intact to make a perfect delivery. You'll also need to deliver 60 barrels overall, which is merely a third of the potential barrels you can deliver.

How to Complete a Perfect Toxic Barrel Delivery

The objectives for this Challenge, fittingly enough, revolve around the Toxic Delivery activity for the Bright Future Venture. During these you’ll be challenged with finding some abandoned trucks loaded with toxin-filled barrels and returning them safely to the Bright Future disposal site. Simple enough, save for toxin zombies that guard some trucks and the fact that jostling the volatile toxic waste can cause them to erupt, setting off an unstoppable chain reaction.

You can find more details on this Venture activity on the How to Complete the Bright Future Venture page, but to keep things simple, you need to drive slow and safe to avoid damaging the toxic delivery truck. If your vehicle takes no damage, the barrels will remain intact. Easy-peasy, save for the fact that the AI traffic in Santo Ileso is violently irrational and has no qualms about sideswiping a flatbed truck filled with dangerous waste. If you take damage, the barrels will start to explode, and you’ll need to drive fast to keep them stable. Your vehicle won’t take damage from light collisions or from smaller objects like stop lights, traffic signs, small trees, trash cans and other junk that often litters the road, so you don’t have to be overly protective.

The first objective can be completed by making it back to the Bright Future disposal site with all twelve barrels intact. Save your game, pick a Toxic Delivery event near the Bright Future disposal site and try to make it back safe and slow. You only have to make one good delivery and you’re golden, and as long as an AI car doesn’t merge into you or you don’t get hit while crossing an intersection this shouldn’t be too difficult.

The second objective is cumulative - you need to bring back a total of 60 barrels intact. There are twelve barrels on each truck, and fifteen Toxic Delivery events, so you have 180 barrels just from the Toxic Delivery events. It’s not too hard to keep a third of them intact, especially considering you only need five perfect deliveries to do this, but even if you start losing barrels, you’ll likely make it back with more than four intact per event. Even if you don’t, you can still return barrels via freeform Toxic Delivery events after the Bright Future Venture is completed (see note below).


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