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How to Complete the Badlands Badass Challenge

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to unlock and complete the Badlands Badass Challenge in Saints Row.

How to Unlock and Complete the Badlands Badass Challenge

Badlands Badass is a Challenge in Saints Row that will unlock after you complete the mission [Drawing Heat]. The Badlands Badass Challenge tasks you with completing two objectives:

  • Perform a backflip in Badlands South.
  • Get airtime in Badlands North.

A fairly easy Challenge that requires you to perform two vehicle tricks. Getting airtime is simple - any time your wheels are off the ground you’ll get an “Airtime” bonus, and you can achieve this by driving off ramp, over cliffs, or by just jumping with a vehicle that has the “Jump” [Signature Ability], like the [Ridgelord]. Just jumping in place long enough will suffice, but driving around off-road with unstable vehicles like the [Ant] or [Bullpup] will also invariably get you Airtime, as vehicles have a tendency to bounce around on rough, uneasy terrain. You can find a Bullpup and a generous ramp to jump off of in the northwestern part of the Badlands North, near an old mining town in the mountains.

How to Perform a Backflip in Badlands South

Performing a backflip in Badlands South shouldn’t be too much of a bother, either. A Car Named Simone tasks you with performing four backflips in a single jump, so one should be a trivial matter, especially if you get a good off-road vehicle (like an Ant) and said vehicle has the “Air Control” Signature Ability unlocked. Once you have that vehicle, drive around Badlands South and seek out a ramp or some angled cliffs that will serve as a ramp, get speed and use said ramp to get some air time. When you’re airborne, simply hold the right analog stick either up or down DualSense-Stick-R-UD.

(1 of 2) Head to the marked location near the Lone Wolf Fast Travel point in Badlands South.

Head to the marked location near the Lone Wolf Fast Travel point in Badlands South. (left), Here you'll find a hill and some cliffs that collectively form a large ramp - ideal for performing vehicle tricks. (right)

One of our favorite spots to perform vehicle tricks just so happens to be in the Badlands South region, and it should more than suffice to complete this objective. From the Lone Wolf Fast Travel, follow the road southeast. As you drive, note the guardrail to the right, and when it ends turn left. Off the road to the left here you should spot a large hill that culminates in some jagged cliffs - these all effectively form one giant ramp, and will get you plenty of airtime with which to do various tricks. You can, in fact, get the A Car Named Simone achievement/trophy here, and if you can pull off four backflips with a good jump, one should be a breeze.


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