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Saint's Row

How to Complete the Wing It Challenge

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to unlock and complete the Wing It Challenge in Saints Row.

How to Unlock and Complete the Wing It Challenge

Wing It is a Challenge in Saints Row that will unlock after you complete the mission Networking. It tasks you with completing two objectives:

  • Bounce boost off 6 people in 30 seconds.
  • Wingsuit launch off vehicles 12 times.

By the time you unlock this Challenge, you may not even know how to perform a Bounce Boost or Wingsuit Launch. In fact, until you complete the Mission [Drawing Heat] you can’t Bounce Boost at all! Simply put, this Challenge will likely unlock before you can complete it, which can be a bit of a nuisance if you don’t know better. Once you’ve completed [Drawing Heat] you can get around to working on this Challenge.

How to Perform a Wingsuit Vehicle Launch

Vehicle Launching is the easier of the two objectives, as it’s cumulative. Regardless of what happens after you launch off a vehicle, it’ll count - even if you unceremoniously launch yourself into a bridge. To perform a Wingsuit Launch, you’ll need two things - a vehicle with a proper roof and a bit of straight road. Get some speed with the vehicle you’re driving and when you’ve got a good stretch of road ahead of you, hold down DualSense-ButtonTriangle / Xbox-ButtonY to climb onto the roof, then press DualSense-ButtonCross / Xbox-ButtonA to launch off and deploy your Wingsuit. Do this twelve times and you’ll complete the objective.

How to Bounce Boost with the Wingsuit

The Wingsuit Bounce allows you to bounce off of pedestrians to gain more height, potentially extending the duration you can glide. To unlock the ability to Wingsuit Bounce you must first complete the mission [Drawing Heat]. Once done, you can Wingsuit Bounce by flying over pedestrians and looking for a white target icon to appear over their head, at which point press DualSense-L1 / Xbox-BumperLeft and you’ll dive and perform a Wingsuit Bounce. There’s no penalty for mashing DualSense-L1 / Xbox-BumperLeft, so if you wish to Wingsuit Bounce you can usually just glide over a populated sidewalk and mash DualSense-L1 / Xbox-BumperLeft - with any luck you’ll find a target and the game will take care of the rest.

We completed this objective by heading to the [Weather Station] along the southwestern end of the Marina West district, out in front of the La Playa hotel. After we launched ourselves into the air, we turn left, gliding around to the northwestern end of the hotel and followed a street lined with sidewalks - and pedestrians. Just perform a shallow dive over the sidewalks and mash DualSense-L1 / Xbox-BumperLeft and with any luck you’ll find a target. Repeat until you’ve Bounce Boosted off of six targets to complete this objective.

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