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Saint's Row

How to Complete Wingsuit Saboteur Side Hustles

Nathan Garvin

Information about the Wingsuit Saboteur Side Hustle in Saints Row, including the locations of each Wingsuit Saboteur event, how to complete Wingsuit Saboteur events, and what rewards you get for completing them.

All the locations of Wingsuit Saboteur Side Hustles.

What is the Wingsuit Saboteur Side Hustle?

Wingsuit Saboteur is a Side Hustle in Saints Row, a sort of side mission/minigame that is otherwise not connected to any particular Venture. Wingsuit Saboteur is one of the initial Side Hustles that’ll unlock after you complete the Mission Making Rent (along with Wingsuit Saboteur and @TCHA, and while there’s no incentive to complete these Side Hustles in terms of progression, you’ll earn various rewards for completing them, including XP, cash and potentially new vehicles.

There are six Wingsuit Saboteur Side Hustles you can take on, with five unlocking after you finish the first job in Smelterville East. You don’t have to complete them in any particular order (aside from the first one), nor do these jobs evolve much between events save for the addition of more targets and stronger enemies guarding said targets.

(1 of 2) Fly over to each target area,

Fly over to each target area, (left), and destroy the Receiver Dishes you find there with Satchel Charges. (right)

How to Complete Wingsuit Saboteur Side Hustles

Wingsuit Saboteur is a seek and destroy job. Find and talk to The Associate and he’ll take you up in a helicopter - your job is to use your wingsuit to reach various rooftop target areas where you’ll find between one to four receiver dishes. Toss some Satchel Charges (you’ll be provided with eight at the start of each job, but you can find more) onto the dishes and detonate them to destroy the dishes. Destroy all the dishes at all the target areas without being killed by the guards and within the allotted time and you’ll finish this instance of Wingsuit Saboteur. Other than the Satchel Charges, you’ll take whatever weapons you’re equipped with on these jobs. You cannot destroy the receiver dishes with other weapons, even an RPG.

First things first, the wingsuit is a fickle device, at best. You can deploy it by pressing DualSense-ButtonCross / Xbox-ButtonA in midair, and you can brake/land by holding down DualSense-L2 / Xbox-TriggerLeft. Landings with the wingsuit are rarely graceful nor quick, and using the brake really just slows you down while limiting you to a safer, more horizontal trajectory. It can take some practice to get used to landing safely. You can also divebomb the guards on the roof to perform the dual purpose of safely landing on said roof while also eliminating a threat - flying low over the roof while mashing DualSense-R1 / Xbox-BumperRight will usually suffice. Just be wary, as sometimes the wingsuit just does what it wants when you’re landing; we’ve inexplicably lost large amounts of health while performing Wingsuit Takedowns.

(1 of 2) The rooftops are often crawling with guards, and whether to fight them or try to destroy the dishes they guard to save time is a strategic consideration you’ll have to make.

The rooftops are often crawling with guards, and whether to fight them or try to destroy the dishes they guard to save time is a strategic consideration you’ll have to make. (left), Performing a Wingsuit Takedown is often an easier way to land at each target area, and it’ll dispatch or damage an enemy in the process! (right)

Speaking of the guards, most rooftop target areas will be patrolled by numerous enemies, some of which will be [Tough] and armed with various weapons, including sniper rifles. If you see a red laser scope… well, that’s not going to be good for your health. Target elevated enemies (usually snipers) with Wingsuit Takedowns, but be wary, as Tough enemies will not be dispatched by these assaults, just heavily damaged. You don’t need to kill the guards to destroy the dishes they guard, they’re just here to waste your time and threaten your health. Skills like Tough Mother and Transfusion will help keep you alive while you clear your objectives quickly.

Wingsuit Saboteur jobs are not created equal. Some will give you a silly amount of time to complete your objectives, while others can be real nail-biters, with Lakeshore North perhaps being the most difficult of the bunch. It may take you a try or two to perfect your route, and keep in mind that it may be better to skip over the first, closest objective and go after further away ones, but generally you should try to take out target areas based on their elevation. Each time you clear an area you’ll have to use a [Weather Station] to propel yourself into the air, but the height gained from this may not be sufficient to reach every other target area. If you need to return to the helicopter, just dive towards the ground with your wingsuit, if you get too low, you’ll automatically warp back to The Associate’s helicopter. This can actually save time, in some circumstances.

Like most Side Hustles, WIngsuit Saboteur jobs feature various Bonus Objectives, which are almost exclusively combat-focused. Only the Wingsuit Takedown Bonus Objectives are really conducive towards completing the larger goal, and since you may want to avoid some enemies outright in order to make time, you can safely ignore these Bonus Objectives. Completing a Bonus Objective merely yields 450 XP and does not otherwise contribute towards completing these Side Hustles nor to the rewards you earn for doing so.

Below you’ll find a list of all the Wingsuit Saboteur locations, the time allotted, their Bonus Objectives, and the rewards you’ll get for clearing each job.

Wingsuit Saboteur Location Time Bonus Objectives Reward
Smelterville East 3:00 $4,000, 1,200 XP
Old Town East 8:00 5 Enemy Headshot Kills, Triple Kill 2 Enemies, 8 Wingsuit Takedowns $4,000, 1,200 XP, Skin Flap Wings
Marina West 8:00 Shove-Kill 5 Enemies, Melee Kill 10 Enemies, 10 Wingsuit Takedowns $4,000, 1,200 XP, Feather Wings
Lakeshore North 6:00 Double Kill 5 Enemies, Melee Kill 10 Enemies, 10 Wingsuit Takedowns $4,000, 1,200 XP, Idol Mac SMG
East Flat 8:00 8 Enemy Headshot Kills, Triple Kill 1 Enemies, 5 Wingsuit Takedowns $4,000, 1,200 XP, Da Vinci Wings, Leather
El Dorado 7:00 Shove-Kill 5 Enemies, Double Kill 5 Enemies, 3 Wingsuit Takedowns $4,000, 1,200 XP
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