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Saint's Row

How to Unlock and Equip Perks in Saints Row

Nathan Garvin

This page will explain about Perks in Saints Row (2022), including how to obtain additional Perks, how to equip Perks and the differences between minor, major and elite Perks.

Perks modify gameplay in various ways, from trivial aspects like increasing movement speed when crouching and reducing Notoriety gained, to significant boons like allowing you to dual wield SMGs and Pistols and deal double damage when sideswiping vehicles. Best of all, Perks can be exchanged freely at just about any time, meaning you can tailor your current Perk loadout to the task at hand.

(1 of 2) After the Mission “Making Rent” you’ll start out with one lone, sad Perk,

After the Mission “Making Rent” you’ll start out with one lone, sad Perk, (left), but as you complete Challenges you can earn quite a list of Perks to choose from. (right)

How to Unlock Perks

You’ll unlock your first Perk after you complete the mission [Making Rent], where you’ll be given a freebie in the form of the Perk Tactical Training. Other Perks will require you to complete Challenges, which you can find in the “Missions” menu of your phone, just look at your Missions list and press DualSense-R1 / Xbox-BumperRightto swap to the Challenges list. Challenges will be covered in their own section, but as far as their relevance to Perks is concerned, note that you will need to complete all the objectives for each Challenge to complete said Challenge. For example, to complete the Challenge It’s a Living you must finish all three of its objectives:

  • Complete a Crime of Opportunity.
  • Rob an armored car.
  • Find something in a dumpster.

Completing Challenges will earn you new Perks, and Perks will be earned in a set order. You’ll start out with nine Challenges, and it’s honestly not a bad idea to grind some of these out to earn some starter Perks. You’ll unlock more Challenges (and hence gain the ability to earn more Perks) as you complete Missions, particularly missions that increase your [Empire Tier], specifically the Missions [Networking], [Drawing Heat], [Body of Evidence] and [Good Cop/Bad Cop]. Establishing new Ventures will also often unlock new Challenges, but these are a relative trickle compared to the aforementioned Missions. Once unlocked, a Perk is yours to freely equip or neglect as you see fit.

Challenges Completed Perk Effect
0 Tactical Training You move faster when crouching and when using fine aim.
1 Death Race When you’re close to death, you can run a lot faster.
2 In the Flow You never lose flow except when you perform a skill.
3 Close Call The vehicle you’re driving gains more boost time when you have a near miss.
4 On the Low Down All actions generate less notoriety.
5 Gunslinger You can shoot from the hip more accurately.
6 Sneak Attack You do more damage when you attack enemies from behind.
7 Scavenger You collect more rounds when you pick up an ammo box.
8 Fire Resistant You stay in control while on fire and take less fire damage.
9 Dead Eye After you get a headshot kill, your reload speed increases.
10 Full Contact Reduce the cooldown of your takedown when you kick an enemy then kill them.
11 Loot Grab You automatically pull in nearby cash and ammo.
12 Shock Tactics Taze enemies who hit you with a melee attack. This perk has a cooldown.
13 Fast Learner You receive a bonus on XP earned.
14 Nihil Obstat Non-player Saints do more damage.
15 Trampoline You get more altitude from a wingsuit bounce.
16 Shiny & Chrome You do more damage when sideswiping in a car.
17 Saving Throw Gain 2 health bars when your health is depleted. This perk has a cooldown.
18 Speed Demon You can boost a longer time while driving.
19 Dual Wield When wielding pistols or SMGS, you hold a weapon in each hand.
20 Back Off! After you kick an enemy, your bullets do more damage against them.
22 Surgical Strike Temporarily do more damage for each precision kill (up to 5) made in quick succession.
24 Flow Gambit You deal less damage but gain more Flow whenever you hit an enemy.
26 Not Dead Yet You can regenerate twice the amount of health in combat.
28 Lust for Life Your health starts regenerating as soon as you kill an enemy.
30 Ride Eternal The vehicle you’re driving gains health whenever you destroy another vehicle.
32 Finishing School Takedowns sometimes make nearby enemies cower in fear.
34 Big Finish You gain double the amount of health from takedowns.
36 Eagle Eye You reduce the cooldown of your takedown when you get a headshot.
38 Dodge Baller You temporarily do more damage after dodging a melee attack.
40 Rampage You do more damage when your flow meter is full.
42 Juggernaut You gain more flow when your health is low.
44 Blood and Guts When you’re out of flow, you can spend health to use a skill.
46 Breakfall You don’t take damage from falling.

(1 of 2) You can earn new Perks by completing Challenges.

You can earn new Perks by completing Challenges. (left), Perks are segregated into minor, major and epic tiers, and aside from the first minor Perk slot, you must pay cash to unlock the other Perk slots. (right)

How to Unlock Perk Slots

You can have up to five Perks equipped at a time, but your Perk loadout is a bit more complicated than selecting your five favorites, as Perks are segregated into three tiers: minor, major and epic. You can have up to two minor Perk, two major Perks and one epic Perk equipped at a time. Unfortunately you don’t start out with access to all five Perk slots - at the beginning of the game you can only equip one minor Perk. A second minor Perk slot can be unlocked by spending $10,000. Both major Perk slots and the epic perk slot likewise have to be unlocked with cash, and will set you back $25,000, $100,000 and $250,000 respectively.

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