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Saint's Row

How to Bounce Boost and Vehicle Launch with the Wingsuit

Nathan Garvin

Information about using the Wingsuit in Saints Row, including details on how to perform Wingsuit Bounces and Wingsuit Launches.

The Wingsuit is equal parts safety net and traversal device, which you’ll always have at your disposal in Saints Row; it’s something of a mix of the parachute in Saints Row the Third and your wings in Gat Out of Hell. It’ll keep you alive if you find yourself falling from great heights, and it’ll allow you to cover some distance… just don’t expect it to rival the aforementioned wings from Gat Out of Hell, or even the glide ability from Saints Row 4, as it’s more limited than both of those.

You’ll have the Wingsuit from the start of the game, but you’ll find little reason to use it during the course of normal gameplay early on. You’ll be prompted to use your Wingsuit during the Mission [Idol Threat], but you’ll encounter [Weather Stations] and [Wingsuit Saboteur] Side Hustles earlier, which will give you the opportunity to practice using the Wingsuit a bit. That said, not all of the Wingsuit’s features are available at the start of the game - you’ll need to complete the Mission [Drawing Heat] to unlock the ability to perform a Wingsuit Bounce, for example.

You can use the Wingsuit to break your fall and to glide.

How to Use the Wingsuit

When you find yourself falling, you can deploy the Wingsuit by pressing the DualSense-ButtonCross / Xbox-ButtonA button and steer with the DualSense-Stick-L. Keep in mind that vertical controls are reversed while gliding - DualSense-Stick-L-Up will make you dive and DualSense-Stick-L-Down will cause you to ascend. You will lose momentum when you ascend, so you’ll trade speed for height, and the inverse is true for diving. To land safely hold down the DualSense-L2 / Xbox-TriggerLeft button, which will cause you to catch the wind with your wings, causing you to descend and decelerate. Keep in mind that if you’re not high enough in the air you won’t get a prompt to deploy the Wingsuit, although if you’re high enough to take more than one bar of damage, you’re probably high enough to deploy the Wingsuit.

How to Bounce Boost with the Wingsuit

The Wingsuit Bounce allows you to bounce off of pedestrians to gain more height, potentially extending the duration you can glide. To unlock the ability to Wingsuit Bounce you must first complete the mission [Drawing Heat]. Once done, you can Wingsuit Bounce by flying over pedestrians and looking for a white target icon to appear over their head, at which point press DualSense-L1 / Xbox-BumperLeft and you’ll dive and perform a Wingsuit Bounce. There’s no penalty for mashing DualSense-L1 / Xbox-BumperLeft, so if you wish to Wingsuit Bounce you can usually just glide over a populated sidewalk and mash DualSense-L1 / Xbox-BumperLeft - with any luck you’ll find a target and the game will take care of the rest.

How to Perform a Wingsuit Vehicle Launch

Most of the time you’ll deploy your Wingsuit after using a [Weather Station] or after ejecting from some form of aircraft or another, but just about every roadworthy vehicle with a proper roof is also a potential launch platform for the Wingsuit. To do this, get some speed with the vehicle you’re driving and when you’ve got a good stretch of road ahead of you, hold down DualSense-ButtonTriangle / Xbox-ButtonY to climb onto the roof, then press DualSense-ButtonCross / Xbox-ButtonA to launch off and deploy your Wingsuit. Just… be wary of signs, bridges and other obstructions, as Wingsuit launching into them is a good way to end up dead.

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