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Saint's Row

All Discoveries in West Providencia

Nathan Garvin

This page provides information about the locations of all the Discoveries in the West Providencia region in Saints Row.

Discoveries are a variety of open world collectibles and activities you can seek out for minor cash and XP rewards. Finding and completing all Discoveries in a region counts towards that region’s completion for the purposes of achievements/trophies, but unlike Threats they won’t contribute to how profitable your Ventures are.

A map of all the Discoveries in the West Providencia region.

In West Providencia you will find the following Discoveries:

All Drug Pallets in West Providencia

Drug Pallet Pickups are pretty simple treasure hunts - seek out stacks of drugs lying around (usually - but not always - on rooftops or other elevated areas) and grab your prize to earn some cash and XP. Most of these can be reached by jumping and climbing, but you can always commandeer a helicopter or other flying vehicle to make this even easier. Drug Pallets usually come in groups of three or four.

Check out the provided map to find their locations.

All Weather Stations in West Providencia

Interact with these to propel yourself into the sky. They are automatically completed upon discovery, and really only assist with traversal.

Check out the provided map to find their locations.

Take a photo of the Rattle Snake graffiti painted on the side of a building near the “Branded” store.

How to Find and Complete the Rattle Snake Photo Hunt

From the Branded store in West Providencia, follow the road west until you reach a vacant lot to the north. The Rattle Snake graffiti you seek is on the side of a building to the east (facing the Branded store).

Snap a photo of a grind rail underneath the elevated highways in the southwestern corner of the district.

How to Find and Complete the Grind Rail Photo Hunt

Along the southwestern end of the West Providencia district, under an elevated highway near where three roads diverge, you should find a skate park, including various ramps and other ways of injuring yourself for no good reason. Your target is a yellow grind rail between two ramps, right out in the open. This area is also southwest of the Friendly Fire in the region.

(1 of 5) find a sign near an orange building along the northern end of a parking lot,

How to Find and complete the Santo Ileso Before 1854 Hidden History

Along the north-center of the West Providencia district you’ll find a Hidden History. This one - located in an elevated parking lot surrounded by stores - tell the history of Santo Ilseo before 1854. Interact with the following signs to complete this Discovery:

  • Find a large board next to the stairs leading up to the “Ice Cream Parlor”.
  • Find a sign near a large orange building near a cactus along the northern end of the parking lot.
  • Another sign can be found in front of the Blacksmithy, also along the northern end of the parking lot (just head northeast from the previous sign).
  • Head to the southern end of the parking lot and seek out a sign near a cactus a short ways into the desert (this is southwest from the first board).
  • From the southern edge of the parking lot, follow a dirt trail uphill to the south. As you ascend you’ll spot this sign off to the right.

(1 of 5) Most of the signs in the “Street Art of Santo Ileso” Hidden History are in a straight line - you’ll find the large board just south of a water tower.

How to Find and Complete the Street Art of Santo Ileso Hidden History

This Hidden History is nestled among some unimpressive houses near a highway along the southeastern edge of the West Providencia district. An “El Poco Patio de Salvamento” sign identifies the location from the south, but a water tower arguably makes for a better landmark. This area is just southeast of the Rat Rods store, nearby. To complete the Street Art of Santo Ileso Hidden History you’ll need to find five signs:

  • The first sign, a large board, can be found just south of the water tower, in plain sight.
  • A second, more humble sign can be found southwest of the large board (above), near the southern gate that leads to this Hidden History. It’s right in front of an odd bug sculpture.
  • Head north past the large board (the first sign, above) to find another sign near the base of the water tower.
  • Continue north from the third sign (above), past the water tower and across some train tracks. Once across, immediately turn left to find the fourth sign, near a train car.
  • Continue north from the fourth sign (above) to find the fifth sign to the left, near another weird bug statue.

Take a photo of Panther Rock to unlock it as a Fast Travel point.

How to Find and Complete the Panther Rock Fast Travel

Right in the center of the West Providencia district, along a major highway running northeast/southwest, you’ll find a large rock formation named Panther Rock. It’s pretty obvious why when you get close - the resemblance is… probably more than you’d get from anything in nature. To unlock this Fast Travel, you’ll need to take a photo of it, just like with a Photo Hunt Discovery, save these are much more obvious.

Make your way to a parking area just south of the Panther Rock map marker, which should be close enough to get a qualifying photo of this Fast Travel location.

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