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Saint's Row

How to Complete the KAKTS Radio Challenge

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to unlock and complete the KAKTS Radio Challenge in Saints Row.

How to Unlock and Complete the KAKTS Radio Challenge

KAKTS Radio is a Challenge in Saints Row that will unlock after you establish the [KAKTS Radio] Venture. To do this you’ll need to complete the Mission [Body of Evidence] to unlock Empire Tier 3, after which you can establish KAKTS Radio in any empty district of Santo Ileso, albeit at the heft expense of $400,000. You’ll be tasked with completing two objectives to finish this Challenge:

  • Stop 20 Call-Ins
  • Survive max notoriety from any faction (for 1,200 seconds)

Get police notoriety and drive near pedestrians to provoke call-ins, after which you can just drive away to thwart them.

How to Stop Call-Ins in Saints Row

Any time you anger a faction (get level 1 Notoriety or higher), members of that faction may stop to call in reinforcements. You can normally stop these calls by introducing the caller to some hot lead, but police and Marshall can be rather quick with these call-ins, and it’s generally somewhat tedious to grind these out against gangers, as you need a constant stream of foes to facilitate continued call-ins, and you need to prevent these reinforcements from arriving by interrupting the call-ins.

An easier way of doing this is by provoking the police indirectly - just ram civilian vehicles in traffic until you hit level 1 Notoriety, especially on streets with plenty of foot-traffic. Civilians will then attempt to summon police reinforcements, and they’re terribly slow at this, giving you plenty of time to stop their call-ins by simply driving away. If you find a highly populated area (like the park along the southeastern end of Lakeshore North) you can just cause enough mayhem to get police Notoriety, then drive around civilians, provoking their calles (noted by the phone icon that will appear), then drive away when you see it. Honestly just being a bad driver as you do other things in Santo Ileso should suffice to increment this passively.

(1 of 2) You can build up max Notoriety time by completing the Riding Shotgun Side Hustle in Marina East,

You can build up max Notoriety time by completing the Riding Shotgun Side Hustle in Marina East, (left), or you can just provoke foes and lead them on a fruitless chase on foot. (right)

How to Survive Max Notoriety in Saints Row

Earning max Notoriety (level 5 Notoriety) takes a bit of doing - you’ll need to kill a lot of foes - but once done you can extend the duration by just running away from your tormentors on foot. If you try to escape using vehicles you’ll likely clear your Notoriety (especially if you don’t ignore pursuing vehicles), but on foot you can evade enemies indefinitely, especially if you flee in a densely populated area where you can run around buildings to provide cover from the gunfire of your pursuers.

If that’s too much bother, you can also replay the Riding Shotgun job in Marina East (Barb’s second job), half of which will be under level 5 police Notoriety. Each run of this Side Hustle will get you over 100 seconds of max Notoriety time. It’ll take a few runs to complete this objective, but you’ll earn cash and XP every attempt, for what that’s worth.

You can also decrease the game’s difficulty to make surviving Notoriety easier.

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