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Saint's Row

The Forge

Paul McNally

Neenah is beyond furious with Sergio for wrecking her project car in the Neenah’s Car mission and Los Panteros are going to pay. The only thing is, she needs your help to make it happen. Buckle up as this guide will show you step by step how to complete The Forge in Saints Row.

How To Complete The Forge Mission In Saints Row

We are going to see something new in this mission as we take to the skies in an assault helicopter quite soon in the mission, so be prepared to see the sights of the city from the air, and possibly experience just a little bit of air-to-air combat in the process.

Objective 1 - Meet Neenah At FB’s

It’s back to FB’s fast food place - this time to meet Neenah and help her with her car.

We have been to FB’s burger joints previously and now we must drive across town to meet Neenah there. If you are starting off at the Church this is a sizeable journey so pick a fast car and be on your way. Take the opportunity to boost your XP with near misses and driving in oncoming traffic to spice up the trip.

Objective 2 - Help Neenah Get Into The Scorpion Factory

The Scorpion Factory is Los Panteros’ headquarters so it is sure to be extremely heavily guarded. While talking with Neenah, The Boss comes up with a plan to steal an assault helicopter and get in that way. Now, if only you knew where to find an assault helicopter…

Objective 3 - Steal The Helicopter

Take the drive to the docks where there is an assault helicopter that tourists can hire to go shooting in the desert. Park up your car and approach the chopper. The guy standing to the right will object and needs to be killed. In our game, Neenah shot him the second he started so we didn’t need to worry. Approach the helicopter and enter it as you would any land-based vehicle.

Once you are inside the helicopter the view will shift above and behind the craft and a screen will appear showing you the basic controls. They are slightly different from driving a car so make sure you know what you are going to be pressing before taking off. It makes sense to get some altitude quickly unless you want to be weaving in and out of buildings for extra fun.

Objective 4 / 5 - Go To The Scorpion Factory / Ruin Barbecue Day

(1 of 4) Fly across the city to the Scorpion Factory and have some fun from the skies.

Fly across the city to the factory. The map will still show the route by road but you can obviously ignore that and just fly towards the mission marker as the crow flies. Before too long you will get to the Scorpion Factory where Los Panteros will be outside holding their annual gang barbecue. You can now rain down missiles and bullets on them and spoil their party.

Destroy all the cars and reinforcements will arrive from the right-hand side. These guys will be more intent on firing rockets at you. You will also be attacked aerially by three gunships before you have finished removing all the threats.

Objective 6 / 7 - Land The Helicopter / Enter The Scorpion Factory And Destroy Los Panteros Vehicles

Land on the marked roof and enter the complex through the vent. You will both drop down into the building. You will come under immediate fire from a sizable number of Los Panteros who are guarding their cars. You need to kill all Los Panteros and destroy all the cars here.

If you need it there are areas you can use for cover.

Objective 8 - Get To The Forge and Power Up The Console

Make your way upstairs and follow Neenah and you will arrive at The Forge. Once again you will come under attack. Kill the enemies and run over to the control room up the stairs at the far side of the room. Activate the console which will not work. Now you need to go back into the room again where you will be attacked once more.

(1 of 2) Make your way to the control room which you will find at the top of the stairs on the far side of this room.

Make your way to the control room which you will find at the top of the stairs on the far side of this room. (left), When Neenah has finished the place will be a wreck and you will need to exit, pronto. (right)

Objective 9 - Activate The Junction Box And Buy Neenah Time

The junction box can be found in the center of the room, head over and activate it, keeping fire on the Panteros who are attacking you. The console still will not work and now you have to run around the room to activate the two relays before Neenah can hatch her plan and finally blow up the Forge.

Objective 10 - Find A Way Out And Defend The Getaway Car

A timer will start ticking down from eight minutes and you need to be out of the building before then. Locate the car which Neenah will begin to work on to get it started. While she is doing this you must hold off the waves of Los Panteros who are trying to get to the car. The car’s health will be displayed as a yellow bar and you need to make sure that does not run out.

Objective 11 - Get In The Getaway Cat and Get Out Of Here

Once Neenah has had long enough, fight your way into a position where you can enter the car and then drive straight towards the ramp at the end of the room and smash the car through the window onto the street below and away. Mission complete and it was a fun one too.

Now we have unlocked the helipad for the HQ we are going to have some flying fun.

Unlocked During The Forge

The following items are unlocked for future missions upon completion of the The Forge

Unlocked Item
Crash Test Car crashtestcar.jpg
Friend Combat Boost (Neenah) neenahcombatboost.jpg
HQ Helipad hqhelipad.jpg
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