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Saint's Row

The Frontier

Paul McNally

The Boss decides he wants to break out The Nahualli (you may remember him from the First F#@!ing Day mission and your fight on the plane) so that he can help the Saints rob a money train. This guide will take you, step-by-step through the mission and help get The Nahualli to freedom.

How To Complete The Frontier Mission In Saints Row

This is quite an interesting mission that introduces the ‘stealth’ mechanic to the game. It’s a little strange because it’s not stealthy as such, but it does give you something else to think about, but more of that later. After a lengthy introduction during the crew’s regular games night, Neenah will fly you in a helicopter to The Frontier Maximum Security Prison, where The Nahualli is being held. After all the talk, the mission will begin properly with you ready to jump from the chopper into the prison below.

Objective 1 - Wingsuit Onto The Prison

(1 of 2) The mission opens with you hovering close to The Frontier read to jump.

The mission opens with you hovering close to The Frontier read to jump. (left), When you are ready jump out of the chopper and attempt to glide onto the prison’s roof. (right)

You start by being able to see the prison below. You need to jump from the helicopter and glide using your wingsuit onto the marked rooftop. This is actually trickier than it looks, especially if you have not had too much wingsuit practice. The first attempt we had we didn’t make it into the prison. The second, we made it but just overshot the landing and had to backtrack but were allowed to continue.

Try to time your descent for a gentle glide down to the roof. Don’t point straight down or your landing will be too hard.

Objective 2 - Break Into The Prison

Once safely on the roof we now need to find a way in. Similarly to when we entered The Forge from its roof you are now looking for a similar-looking vent that you can kick off and drop down thorough into the prison corridors below. Most of the main corridors are empty of guards but you need to not cause a fuss or you will bring the whole system down on your head. It’s time for that new mechanic we spoke about earlier…

Objective 3 - Stealth Your Way Through

The red indicator on the guard shows how long you have remaining to get past them.

As none of the guards know you as you approach them they will register surprise, but by quickly going past them and not giving them time to think you will get away with it. This is what passes for stealth in Saints Row.

While moving you will not be able to run or draw your weapon. As you approach a guard a red circle with an exclamation mark will appear in front of them and a white bar will start to pass around it. If you are still in the sightline of the guard when it completes the circumference, you will fail the level. In the main, it is quite easy to pass buy before the timer runs out. There are a couple of spots where you need to time your walks so you are not in the sightline of a guard walking towards you for an extended period of time, but most of the guards are static so cause no issues.

Objective 3 - Find The Nahualli / Recruit The Nahualli

As you continue to stealth your way through the corridors of the prison you should follow the signs on the walls for The Auditorium. This is where The Nahualli is being held. Walk up to him in the center of the room to initiate the conversation where you can begin to plan his escape from The Frontier.

Objective 4 - Go To The Control Room / Bluff The Commander

Now you must head up to the Control Room (again, the direction is signed on the walls) and bluff your way past the Commander so you can get your new friend out of the prison. Unfortunately for you, the Commander recognizes you from the debacle at the Museum and sets off the alarm. Dispatch him and now you need to take all the prison’s servers offline to start a prison riot.

Objective 5 - Destroy The Servers

There are two banks of four servers on the right-hand side of the room and you need to destroy each server individually. You can do this with either a melee weapon or simply shooting them. Alarms will be sounding making things sound a lot more pressured than they are, but in reality, nothing is actually happening until you choose to progress to saving The Nahualli next.

(1 of 2) Now you must move down through the levels of the prison to the garage.

Now you must move down through the levels of the prison to the garage. (left), The Nahualli will help fend the guards off, but you will be attacked by prisoners as well. (right)

Objective 6 - Save The Nahualli / Escape The Prison

Make your way back to The Auditorium to where The Nahualli is just finishing off killing all the guards. Now he will follow you as you try to make your way out of The Frontier in the middle of a full-blown prison riot. Neenah will let you know that you can’t escape via the roof in the helicopter as she can’t get close, you need to find the stairs and head down through the prison’s levels towards the garage.

The metal stairways will take you down a level at a time, then you will have to move long each cell block until you get to the stairs again. Each level will have guards and prisoners fighting. Make sure you take out the guards. A lot of the prisoners will also attack you so need killing too.

Work your way round to the garage where you will find a marshall truck. Shoot the officer.

Objective 7 - Steal The Truck / Ram Your Way Out

Drive the truck through the garage door and then you are outside the prison. After a little driving round you realize you are going to need to find another way out as the prison is locked down. The road markings will lead you to the first of several jumps that you must make with the truck and before you know it you will be out on the open road. Mission complete, save for a cutscene with The Nahualli.

Not much in the way of unlocks for this one, but it does lead to bigger things.

Unlocked During The Frontier

The following items are unlocked for future missions upon completion of the The Frontier

Unlocked Item
Get Free - The Vines vines.jpg
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