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Saint's Row

How to Complete Lost Wheels

Nathan Garvin

Information about Lost Wheel Discoveries in Saints Row, including how to find and complete Lost Wheels and the rewards you’ll gain for doing so. How to find the A Bike Wrapped in Mystery, the Bones of Kavanagh County, the Forgotten Prototype, the Frying Dutchman the Lost Conspiracies and the Lost Dust Buggy vehicles.

(1 of 2) Locate Lost Wheels in the desert surrounding Santo Ileso.

Locate Lost Wheels in the desert surrounding Santo Ileso. (left), Looting these Lost Wheels will earn you a car part. (right)

What Are Lost Wheels Discoveries in Saints Row?

Lost Wheelss are a type of Discovery in Saints Row, an optional, freeform, open world activity that typically rewards you with cash and XP when you complete it. Lost Wheelss, unlike Armored Truck events and Crimes of Opportunity count towards the completion of a region’s Discoveries when completed, and while this won’t increase the passive income generated by any Ventures in that region like completing Threats will, it does count towards various achievments/trophies that task you with conquering various regions.

How to Find and Complete Lost Wheels

Lost Wheels are another open world scavenger hunt, although Lost Wheels have some differences that set them apart from other Discoveries. Lost Wheels are exclusively in desert areas surrounding Santo Ileso, including Badlands North, Badlands South, Rojas Desert North and Rojas Desert South, and while finding one will give you paltry amount of XP, the real catch are the car parts they yield. Lost Wheels has a double meaning - not only are these modern art pinwheels abandoned and scattered throughout the desert, but they also contain pieces of lost, disassembled vehicles. By finding all the parts of these unique vehicles you’ll automatically reassemble them, and they’ll be added to your garage, where they can be driven and upgraded like any other vehicle.

To complete a Lost Wheels Discovery, just locate one of these numerous metal pinwheels in the desert outside of Santo Ileso. They’re often in lofty perches, sometimes quite a distance from any road, and the terrain is treacherous enough that you should seriously consider searching for them from the lofty vantage of a helicopter. In the far distance they’ll appear as glowing lights, helping guide you to them both at day and in the night. When you find one, land near it and interact with it. Easy-peasy.

There are thirty Lost Wheels Discoveries in Saints Row, and each one will grant you a vehicle component. For example, some Lost Wheels in Badlands North will yield “rocket car parts”. Find all five parts and you’ll automatically assemble the Forgotten Prototype, which turns out to be a [Vindicator]. There are six vehicles, each with five parts:

The location of all the Lost Wheel Discoveries on the map.

Vehicle Lost Wheel Locations
A Bike Wrapped in Mystery Badlands North, Badlands South, Rojas Desert North
Bones of Kavanagh County Badlands North, Badlands South, Rojas Desert North, Rojas Desert South
Forgotten Prototype Badlands North
Frying Dutchman Rojas Desert North
Lost Conspiracies Badlands South
Lost Dust Buggy Rojas Desert South


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