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Shootin' The Shit

Paul McNally

This mission is quite short and more of an excuse to help you get in a little shooting and driving practice. Eli finally wants to learn how to use a gun and will call you asking you to come out to the shooting range he has built himself to show him some firing techniques.

How To Complete The Shootin’ The Shit Mission In Saints Row

Complete the foillowing steps to complete Shootin’ THe Shit and get Eli to become more useful in future gunfights.

(1 of 2) Eli is quite a distance away so stealing any kind of fast car will get you to his location faster.

Eli is quite a distance away so stealing any kind of fast car will get you to his location faster. (left), Once with Eli, you will get to practice some gunplay at his homemade shooting range. (right)

Objective 1: Meet Up With Eli

You will probably have started this mission while at the Church unless you have been off completing some of the game’s side missions. You will find it is a sizeable drive to where Eli is waiting for you in the mountains so it is worth stealing a decent ride in order to get there quicker.

Follow the road markings until you get out into the hills and eventually you will pull up in the dunes and Eli will be at the top of the hill. Get out of the car, walk up the hill and engage him in conversation.

Objective 2: Use The Shooting Range

A barrier will prevent you from going too far forward, but after the conversation, walk up to it and activate it by pressing the on-screen command. Barrels will start to fly through the air and you must try and shoot as many of them as possible. You will need to do this four times so it is a useful way to get your aim in.

Barrels will fly in from both sides so remember to look both left and right and time your shots. Eli will make some comments about your performance but there is no overall task here as such. Just practice.

Objective 3: Defeat Marshall

Unfortunately, it seems Marshall officers have taken exception to your presence and need dealing with.

It turns out that extra practice may come in handy quicker than expected as a team of Marshall officers roll up and open fire on you. Eli will help out here but you still switch your SMG for some extra firepower to overwhelm the enemies. All the Marshall agents will be gathered around the car so you can do some extra damage by concentrating your fire on the vehicle and causing it to explode.

Objective 4: Escape Marshall Notoriety

(1 of 2) With Eli hanging on to the roof holding Marshall at bay, it's up to you to be the getaway driver.

With Eli hanging on to the roof holding Marshall at bay, it's up to you to be the getaway driver. (left), Keep your speed up in order to put distance between you and your enemies while your Notoriety reduces. (right)

Now you have got a bad name for yourself with Marshall they have called in reinforcements. Here you must drive the car above a certain speed while Eli clings to the roof shooting. To escape from Marshall and remove the Notoriety segments from your HUD you need to drive as quickly as you can and try and take sharp turns to throw your pursuers off your tail. Eventually, your Notoriety level will reduce and you will have completed the mission.

Now Eli knows how to handle a gun he might be a bit more useful in a firefight.

Unlocked During Shootin’ The Shit

The following item is unlocked for future missions upon completion of the Shootin’ The Shit mission.

Unlocked Item
Friend Weaponm Upgrade shootinunlock.jpg


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