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Diablo IV

Best Diablo 4 Necromancer Builds for Release

Craig Robinson

The Necromancer is one of the stronger Diablo 4 classes, with its army of the dead, high damage crit bone skills, and survivability from it blood spec being very good. If you want a solid solo class, one that can take on bosses, mobs, or even world bosses like Ashava, then the Necromancer is certainly a solid choice. Here is a look at the best Diablo 4 Necromancer Builds for Release.

Here are the best Diablo 4 Necromancer Builds in the current patch. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Best Diablo 4 Necromancer Builds For Release

The main focus of this page is for you to look into the best Necromancer Builds in Diablo 4. The thing you need to look for is that the Necromancer’s builds are very simple for the most part. However, you can get more complicated builds when you acquire later talent points post level 25, or some legendarys. So, be aware that the strength of builds do fluctuate very easily. However, in terms of the base builds, you will likely orientate towards builds not going to deep on minions, thanks to their presence not being as strong since the Open Beta. So the Necromancer end-game builds you look for are ones with great Unique drops, damage modifiers, and legendary effects.

  1. Bone Spirit Build: The Bone Spirit build replaces your Core Skill with Bone Spirit as the primary damage-dealing ability. The concept behind this build is to utilize skills and legendary items that help gather enemies together using Corpse Tendrils and "Aspect of Grasping Veins" iconAspect of Grasping Veins. By reaping the gathered enemies, you generate spirit and unleash devastating attacks with Bone Spirit. Including Bone Storm for survivability and critical hit amplification, as well as legendaries that enhance your Golem’s Iron Shockwave and provide survivability through Blood Tide, this build excels in boss fights and mob encounters in end-game content. The defensive and movement benefits of the Blood Mist skill, along with the power of Tendrils for easily eliminating packs and bosses, further contribute to its effectiveness. The Blood Artisan unique chest piece can be beneficial by granting bonus ranks to Bone Spirit, enhancing its power.
  2. Bone Spear Crit: The Bone Spear Crit build is a potent playstyle that revolves around building up critical hits and unleashing devastating bursts of damage with Bone Spear as the primary skill. This build requires minimal investment and can be used early in a season for leveling, as it only really needs "Splintering Aspect" iconSplintering Aspect, and the "Aspect of Torment" iconAspect of Torment. It remains strong as you progress, with improved crit chances against packs and bosses. Utilizing the bonuses provided by the Book of the Dead, including critical hit options and increased survivability. There’s also later game legendary drops you want, like the Bone Storm legendary effects, or the Bone Spear unique item, "Deathless Visage" iconDeathless Visage. Overall, the Bone Necromancer becomes a solid choice for end-game progression. It is also considered one of the best leveling builds for the Necromancer class.
  3. Fortify Overpower Blood Minion Build: The Blood Build focuses on using "Hemorrhage" iconHemorrhage to generate Blood Orbs and Blood Surge to generate health while dealing significant area-of-effect damage. Upgrading to Supernatural Blood Surge provides a fortify bonus that scales with the Hemorrhage Fortify upgrade. Blood Mist with Dreadful Blood Mist grants fortify and health upon hitting enemies, ensuring increased fortify and maintaining HP immunity. Add this on top of your "Blood-bathed Aspect" iconBlood-bathed Aspect, and Surge gets rolling very quickly as a great core skill. Passives like Gruesome Mending and Coalesced Blood enhance sustainability and reward Blood players with more damage while in the Healthy state. For the ultimate skill, you can choose either Bone Storm for damage reduction or Blood Wave for additional Blood Orbs and pushback. Incorporating the core skill Sever provides extra single-target damage. Additionally, running a minion build alongside this playstyle can provide additional support and take advantage of the Commander passive bonus in the Ultimate skill tree. The Blood mage remains tanky, offers decent clear speed, and performs well against bosses, making it suitable for both end-game and leveling. The Blood Artisan unique item, which spawns a free Bone Spirit and deals damage based on life and Fortify, can be a valuable addition to this build. If you go for the Blood minion build, then there’s a unique you need called "Deathspeaker's Pendant" iconDeathspeaker’s Pendant, which allows your Blood Surge casts too occur from minions, which adds even more power to your death ball of close range minions. Overall, this build is likely decent at end game, but, its very much unique reliant to pivot it one wat or another.
  4. Blight Corpse Explosion: The Blight Corpse Explosion Build focuses on using Blight and "Decompose" iconDecompose skills to decay enemies and generate corpses, which are then used to summon and damage with Corpse Explosion. While this build performs adequately in late game, it has certain limitations. The primary drawback is that the effectiveness of your shadow damage spells against higher-level Nightmare dungeons is diminished due to the nerfs to minion survivability and presence. To overcome this challenge, investing in minion life passives and strengthening the "Skeleton" iconSkeleton Priest is necessary to increase the build’s chances of survival. This may require additional improvements in later seasons to reach its full potential, as the classic rot and raise build may not be as powerful without further enhancements.
  5. Explosive Mist Corpse Explosion: The Explosive Mist Corpse Explosion build revolves around using corpses as the primary source of damage, particularly through the skill upgrade that allows Blood Tide to generate Corpses. Combining this with Explosive Mists enables you to easily generate a large number of Corpses from Blood Mist, while your minions take care of the remaining enemies. Despite the slight nerfs to minion duration, this build remains viable due to the early generation of corpses, which slightly staggers the setup for your high-damage windows. It excels in all aspects of gameplay when combined with passive minion damage buffs. However, keep in mind that there are now other builds that are better suited for end-game content.

This concludes the best Diablo 4 Necromancer Builds for release. Again, if you happen to get some really good legendary items for your playstyle, then, these build will fluctuate, but, as a baseline the general rankings we have given above are the appropriate strengths of the best Necromancer builds in Diablo 4 before launch.

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