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Diablo IV

Diablo 4 - The Woodsman of Nevesk Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

Demons are a crafty lot, and they’re not restricted to using mortal vessels - living or otherwise - as their hosts. They can also possess inanimate objects, and when a mighty weapon is imbued with demonic influence, it can entice unwary warriors with the lure of power. Such a malevolent weapon can then draw from the natural, darker impulses of its bearer to sate its own appetite for slaughter - an ideal disguise for a bloodthirsty demon. This page covers the side quest "The Woodsman of Nevesk" iconThe Woodsman of Nevesk in Diablo 4.

(1 of 3) To start this quest you’ll need to head to Nevesk.

How to Start The Woodsman of Nevesk in Diablo 4

To start this quest you’ll need to travel to Nevesk, a village along the southwestern edge of the Desolate Highlands. If you already have the waypoint, this will make the trip much easier. However you manage it, once there, head east from the waypoint to find Magdalena, who was tasked with recovering some axe. Only problem is, she’s incompetent, can’t find it, and doesn’t want to do the work to track it down. That’s where you come in - you do literally all the work and she’ll cut you in on the reward. Sounds… fair? Anyways, this starts the quest The Woodsman of Nevesk, which is the first quest in a series of related quests for “The Woodsman of Nevesk” challenge.

(1 of 4) Head to the northern edge of the search area to narrow things down,

How to Find The Woodsman’s Axe

After agreeing to help Magdalena hunt for The Woodsman’s Axe (read: do all the actual work) you’ll find a search area encompassing the area just east of Nevesk. Head into this search area and make your way to the northernmost edge, which should narrow things down considerably. Once you know to look along the northern end of the search area, this quest isn’t too tricky save for the fact that the axe itself isn’t really marked in any way; the smaller search area won’t turn into an objective marker, and the axe doesn’t glow or otherwise call attention to itself. You’ll just have to take the gory ring as evidence that the axe embedded in a blood-soaked tree stump is the weapon you’re looking for.

Of course, this is Diablo, and nothing comes easy. When you claim The Woodsman’s Axe you’ll be confronted by… The Woodsman! This massive demon is a low-rent Butcher, attacking with a massive two-handed mace (yes, I know - why not an axe?). He’s lumbering, slow, and powerful, and his girth belies his lackluster durability. As an elite enemy he’s got a few traits - ours was Cold Enchanted and Vampiric, making him dangerous in melee, but kind of hopeless if you can damage The Woodsman from a distance. Pummel the beast and when it dies it’ll drop The Woodsman’s Axe.

Pick The Woodsman’s Axe up and return to Magdalena in Nevesk. She’s rightfully spooked by the whole affair, and wisely wants to ditch the axe as quickly as possible. She doesn’t renege on her promise, however, rewarding you with a Cache, some XP and Gold.

Cache, XP, Gold
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