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Diablo IV

How to Unlock World Tier 4 in Diablo 4

Nathan Garvin

There are four difficulty levels in Diablo 4, and unlike many games these aren’t just optional challenges - they’re tiers of progression that most players will aspire to unlock and play in. The first two difficulties, World Tier 1 (Adventurer) and World Tier 2 (Veteran) constitute the game’s “normal” difficulty, and of these, World Tier 2 (Veteran) is largely extraneous, offering little incentive for playing it. You’ll be able to unlock World Tier 3 (Nightmare) after you complete the main questline by completing the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon, but eventually you’ll be ready to move onto the ultimate difficulty in Diablo 4, World Tier 4 (Torment difficulty). This page will discuss how to unlock World TIer 4, what level you should be before you attempt to unlock World Tier 4, and some general tips on what sort of gear you’ll need to surmount this challenge.

(1 of 2) To unlock World Tier 4 you must complete the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon,

To unlock World Tier 4 you must complete the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon, (left), after which visit the World Tier Statue and change to Torment difficulty. (right)

What is World Tier 4 in Diablo 4?

World Tier 3 (Nightmare difficulty) saw the addition of numerous new activities and gear tiers at a significant boost in difficulty. World Tier 4 (Torment difficulty) is in some ways a continuation of this trend, adding little new in the way of content, but giving enemies a significant power boost. You’ll still largely be engaging in the same activities - gathering "Aberrant Cinder" iconAberrant Cinders in Helltide Events and exchanging them for loot, battling World Bosses, fending off Legion Events and completing Nightmare Dungeons, only this time enemies will be much more powerful.

Enemy difficulty is somewhat trickier to parse in World Tier 4, as the only statistical difference mentioned is the fact that they overcome 30% of your resistances (as compared to 20% in World TIer 3). It’s kind of hard to quantify “more fearsome”, but some of the difference we’ve noticed include:

  • Enemy levels are increased. Should be expected, World Tier 3 has a level floor of 50, while World Tier 4 has a level floor of 70. Most areas will actually have level 73+ enemies roaming about, with only Strongholds and Side Quests regularly dropping as low as 70. Expect Nightmare Dungeons to start out around level 75, while World Bosses are set to level 90 in World TIer 4.

  • Increased Champion and Elite spawn rates. Don’t be surprised to find Champions appear in pairs and Elites arriving in groups of three. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but you’ll see it too often for it to be a coincidence.

  • Enemy ranged attacks are more accurate and aggressive. Ever play the original Doom 2 on Nightmare difficulty? Enemies had the tendency to turn into turrets instead of pausing, walking and generally giving you more time between attacks. The same is true for World Tier 4 in Diablo 4, albeit to a lesser extent. Expect ranged enemies to stand their ground and shoot at you as often as possible, with significantly improved precision. A group of bow-armed enemies goes from being a nuisance to a real threat in World Tier 4.

Fortunately it’s not all bad news, as you’ll gain a new tier of gear to find that’ll help you bridge the gap between World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 - Ancestral gear. Ancestral gear typically has higher stat ranges than Sacred gear, and you’ll want to start swapping out Sacred gear with superior Ancestral gear as soon as you can find worthy replacements.

The strongest enemies and the best loot can be found on World Tier 4, and in many ways everything before Torment difficulty is just building up to this ultimate difficulty.

(1 of 3) In World Tier 4 you’ll find the Elite and Champion enemies spawn more often, and frequently in groups.

How to Unlock World Tier 4 in Diablo 4

As another oddity, you can attempt to unlock World Tier 4 any time after unlocking World Tier 3. The catch is you must clear the ["Fallen" iconFallen Temple Capstone Dungeon], which has a floor of level 70. Needless to say, a level 50~ character fresh into World Tier 3 with little in the way of Sacred gear will probably not thrive when pressed into battle against level 70 enemies, especially [the boss of the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon], who will really test whether your build is ready for World Tier 4.

Before you seriously attempt the break into World Tier 4, you should strive to have Sacred gear in most - if not every - equipment slot. Some items are more important than others, like weapons, which will give you a significant DPS boost over normal (read: lower level) gear. If this gear is fully upgraded and socketed with gems, all the better. Also, every piece of equipment should be some sort of legendary or unique with mods relevant to your build. The closer you are to level 70, the better - at the very least the Life you gain every level up will make it more difficult for enemies to defeat you.

It’s also worth noting that despite level 70 being the floor for the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon, it’s not the ceiling - enemies will gladly scale above level 70 to keep pace with you, and once you reach World Tier 4, most enemies will be at least level 73, with enemies in Helltide Events and tier 20+ Nightmare Dungeons typically being even more powerful. That said, being able to score the best items in the game is quite the incentive to tough out the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon and try to break into World TIer 4 early… especially if you can find a group to run with.

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