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Diablo IV

All Classes in the Diablo IV Beta

Ben Chard

It’s been a long wait since Diablo III for a true sequel to the Diablo series (even if Diablo Immortal and Diablo II: Resurrected help fill the gap a little), and as such, there’s a lot of excitement around it. With that in mind, we turn our attention to the upcoming Beta weekends, and the Classes that are available for them.

The Diablo IV Beta weekends will allow you to try out all five Classes.

Early Access Weekend Classes: March 17th - March 20th

It’s important to know when you have access to the Diablo 4 Beta. If you’ve preordered the game or obtained a code from the many alternative methods out there, then you’ll have access to the first of the Beta weekends, known as the Early Access Weekend. This weekend begins on Friday March 17th and will run through until Monday March 20th.

Your progress will carry over between both weekends, although they will be deleted upon the conclusion of the Open Beta weekend. For the Early Access Weekend, you’ll have access to the following Classes, all at a cap of Level 25:

If you’re looking at the best classes to try in Diablo 4,f eel free to check out our early Diablo 4 tier list.

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Barbarian in Diablo IV

Everyone’s favorite melee wrecker, the Barbarian, returns for more mayhem in Diablo IV, and you’ll get your first taste of it during the Beta weekends. Not only are they well versed in all things strength, but they have a massive assortment of weapons (more than any other Class) available to them which will really impact the way you play them. This is known as the Arsenal system, which also comes with a unique weapon expertise feature too.

When playing as a Barbarian, you’ll need to make use of the Fury resource to make use of all the deadly skills available to you, this generates itself in battle and will slowly drain when out of combat, so it’s in your best interests to keep engaged with the hordes of hell as much as possible.

For this Beta, choose the Barbarian if you want a Class that can wield multiple weapons simultaneously, and uses skills that wreck your foes using Physical Damage. If you’re playing with a group, take charge of the battlefield and lead the way as you’ll be the most tankiest Class that can protect your allies.

Rogue in Diablo IV

The Rogue makes its triumphant return since the very first Diablo, and takes up the role of the agile fighter, full of traps and other mischievous ways to play tricks on your foes. With a Rogue, you have the option to deal damage up-close and personal or keep to the shadows and focus on ranged damage.

When playing as a Rogue, you’ll need to make use of the Energy resource, this is a resource that fills up gradually over time on its own, but you can increase the rate in which it fills by using the many skills and attacks the Rogue has on offer. How you play the Rogue will impact how quickly you have Energy available to you, if you’re going for a quick hit and run playstyle, you’ll find you have plenty of Energy available to you.

For this Beta, choose the Rogue if you want to go it solo and get around the Fractured Peaks with speed, or if you’re with a group who intends to take on the Ashava World Boss, as the Poisons and Shadow skills you have on hand will surely be a useful boon against this deadly foe.

Sorcerer in Diablo IV

The final Class available of the initial three in the Early Access Weekend, the fan favorite Sorcerer makes a return from the first Diablo (and the female counterpart in Diablo II), taking up the role of spell slinger using the elements of fire, ice and lightning.

When playing as a Sorcerer, you will need to make use of the Mana resource for all of your spells, this will generate in battle but most of the spells that you use as a Sorcerer will deplete this quickly. You’ll also need to make sure that you keep away from the enemies you encounter, the Sorcerer trades defense for its firepower and taking on too many hits will make your life a short one.

For this Beta, choose the Sorcerer if you want to make use of spells that focus on massive AoE (area of effect), excellent evasion abilities and the simple fact that if you join a group, you’ll be bringing a world of pain to anyone you encounter.

Open Beta Weekend Classes: March 24th - March 27th

As mentioned above, if you missed out on getting a code (or want to continue to play more after the Early Access Beta), there is another Open Beta that takes place the following weekend. You will be able to continue playing with any progress you made during the first weekend too.

More importantly, the Open Beta weekend brings another two Classes for you to sink your teeth into, and you can learn all about them below:

Druid in Diablo IV

The Druid makes its long-awaited return since Diablo II’s expansion set, Lord of Destruction. Fans of the class may remember it fondly for its ability to shift into different forms of beasts and call upon the forces of earth, wind, and storm to decimate their forms. A Druid can also summon companions to aid them in battle, making them a fantastic all around package.

When playing as a Druid, you’ll need to make use of the Spirit resource for most of your Skills. Like most of the other resources, this will slowly regenerate, but you can increase the rate and amount by making use of basic skills that generate Spirit. With that in mind, you’ll need a mixture of both basic skills and your more powerful skills to play a Druid effectively.

For this Beta, choose the Druid if you want a Class you can really go it alone. All Classes are strong when grouped up, but the Druid has so many options available to it that you can easily cope with the demons of Hell. Make effective use of your two forms to shift between a defensive and offensive playstyle.

Necromancer in Diablo IV

First introduced in the Diablo II Expansion Set, Lord of Destruction and has since, been a mainstay in the series due to its popularity. This time around, you won’t have to wait for an Expansion to get your first taste of the undead rising Necromancer and can play it in the Open Beta weekend. The Necromancer focuses around summoning companions in the form of "Skeleton" iconSkeletons and other undead beasts to aid you in dominating the battlefield. You’ll also have access to Blood and Shadow magic that will send your foes running for the hills.

When playing as a Necromancer, you’ll need to make use of two resources to get the most out of your skills. The first, is the Essence resource, this works like many of the other Class resources and will slowly regenerate while basic skills will replenish it quicker. The second resource is the availability of corpses in general, as you’ll need these in order to raise your various summons.

For this Beta, choose the Necromancer as another alternative for a Class that works great solo. You can summon a massive number of skeletons and other spirits which will not only protect you but deal heavy damage. You can then make use of the magic available to the Necromancer which are powerful AoE attacks.

These are the five classes available to you throughout the two Beta weekends. We encourage players to make use of the Beta to try out as many as they can to see which ones they may want to play by the time the full release rolls around in June and with the Level 25 Cap, now is the perfect time. If you’re still stuck on a class, why not try our class picking guide?

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