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Diablo IV

Diablo 4 - Sight to Madness Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

Sight to Madness is one of the many side quests you’ll find as you pursue Lilith across Sanctuary, which are marked by blue exclamation points on your map provided you’re in the same region as said side quest. Completing side quests will earn you various rewards, typically including XP, gold and renown, but sometimes including other fare, like gear or resources. This page provides a walkthrough for "Sight to Madness" iconSight to Madness, a side quest in the Fractured Peaks region in Diablo 4.

(1 of 2) You can start !Sight to Madness by talking to Vilek,

You can start !Sight to Madness by talking to Vilek, (left), who can be found along the northwestern edge of !Kyovashad. (right)

How to Start Sight to Madness in Diablo 4

Starting Sight to Madness is simple enough, find a man named Vilek along the northwestern end of "Kyovashad" iconKyovashad and talk to him. He’s currently busy keeping a pillory company, but he’s actually got greater problems - a cultist named Theya stole his eyes, you see, and worse, his eyes still function. Not very useful being able to see without having your eyes actually near you, especially considering the wretched things he’s seeing through his cultist-possessed eyes. Simply put, he’d really like his eyes back, and asks you to retrieve them from Theya, who resides in a ["Cultist Refuge" iconCultist Refuge] near "Nostrava" iconNostrava.

While this seems like a fairly straight-forward sidequest at first, your goal is complicated by the fact that you cannot access the [Cultist Refuge] until you first conquer Nostrava, which is located east and somewhat south of Kyovashad, nestled in between the Destolate Highlands (the same large region that houses Kyovashad) and The Pallid Glade, to the north. Check out the linked walkthrough page for the Nostrava Stronghold, after which you’ll be ready to advance this side quest.

(1 of 4) After conquering Nostrava, search the ruins of the church to find a cellar door leading down to the Cultist Refuge.

How to Find Theya and Recover Vilek’s Eyes

After the not insignificant task of conquering Nostrava, you’ll be able to find the cellar door leading down to the Cultist Refuge in the ruins of Nostrava’s perverted and now-smoldering church. Enter and you’ll find yourself in a proper dungeon, which you’ll have to search for Theya. With any luck you won’t actually have to complete this dungeon to find Theya, but you will probably have to do a bit of work to locate her. Fortunately we found her during the first phase of the dungeon, during the “Slay all enemies in the Halls of Assembly” objective, but you may have to advance further into the dungeon to find her.

When we located her, she spawned as an elite cultist with the Multishot, Summoner and Explosive traits. Defeat her by whatever means are at your disposal and she’ll drop the Necklace of Eyes. With this in your possession you can leave the dungeon, if you wish, or you can stay and clear the [Cultist Refuge]. You know, since you’re already here and have made some progress. Either way, return to Vilek and give him back his eyes. Unfortunately the reunion isn’t a happy one. We can only speculate on what Theya did to his eyes to causes such a reaction. Whatever the case, you’ll earn some XP and Gold for completing this side quest.

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