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Diablo IV

Legion Events Explained in Diablo 4

Nathan Garvin

When you beat the main campaign you’ll be able to access a variety of new activities, including fighting World Bosses, completing Tree of Whispers bounties and the subject of this page, Legion Events. This page will cover Legion Events, including how to find them, how to complete them and what rewards you get from Legion Events in Diablo 4.

(1 of 2) Keep an eye out for Legion Events - you’ll likely need to scan your map for them every once in a while.

Keep an eye out for Legion Events - you’ll likely need to scan your map for them every once in a while. (left), Get to a Legion Event before it starts in order to participate. (right)

What Are Legion Events in Diablo 4?

Legion Events are a post-game activity that largely goes unheralded, lost in the mix of more prominent post-game content like unlocking World Tier 3 and its subsequent Helltide Events and Nightmare Dungeons. That said, there are some exclusive rewards you can obtain by completing Legion Events, not to mention the standard XP, gold and legendary drops.

Legion Events are open-world, multiplayer-focused content that occurs periodically in random areas. Just check your map for out of place icons (especially ones with orange timer bars!) and you should spot a Legion Event eventually. There is no queue, no RSVP, no partying up, just head to the event location before it begins (don’t trust the timer too much, there’s a good degree of latitude for late arrivals - we were able to spot one four seconds before it started, fast travel to a relatively nearby waypoint, and still arrive in time). With any luck when you arrive you’ll spot numerous other players milling about a nexus of reddish energy or similar demonic presence. Just wait for the timer to run down and the event will start automatically, ready or not.

(1 of 3) Your goal during a Legion Event is to kill as many enemies as quickly as possible,

How to Complete Legion Events in Diablo 4

When the timer expires you’ll get a message that “The Overlord calls forth its Legions”. The idea is simple: enemy mobs will pop up in the area, and you must exterminate them all as quickly as possible. Do this fast enough and a “Servant of Hell” - presumably confounded at the performance of the Overlord’s legions - will appear. Defeat the Servant of Hell and you’ll repeat the process two more times until after defeating the third Servant of Hell you’ll be given the privilege of fighting the Overlord (and a retinue of Dungeon Bosses).

Speed is key, as it determines what reward - if any - you receive. Keep an eye on your minimap, as the locations of enemies will be marked with the customary red dots (or skulls for bosses) and the areas where new demonic legions will appear are marked with expanding circles. Only the most broken characters have any hope of doing this fast enough to get the full reward, so split up and hope you’ve got a good squad around you. If done properly, enemy mobs should just vanish under your combined onslaught.

You should have around two minutes to clear the first batch of demonic legionnaires out (an orange progress bar on the right side of the screen will fill as you kill your enemies), after which you’ll get to the first of (hopefully) three fights with a Servant of Hell. These all play out fairly similarly - you get a grace period to head to where the Servant of Hell will spawn and after a moment three idols will pop up that you must destroy before you can damage the Servant of Hell - a handicap your infernal nemesis doesn’t share. This is a pure DPS test, as the statues are somewhat hardy and you only have about a minute and a half to vanquish them. Once you do, you can finally damage the Servant of Hell, and if you defeat them in time you get to do it all over again, but with less time on the clock.

If you manage to kill at least one Servant of Hell in time, you’ll be able to fight the Overlord, known as "Scourge of the Land" iconScourge of the Land. It’ll be accompanied by some nondescript Elites as well as one Dungeon boss, with the "Khazra Abomination" iconKhazra Abomination being a popular choice. Ironically the dungeon boss may well have more durability than the Overlord itself, not that it matters, as the final timer doesn’t stop until all your foes are dead. Both the Overlord and its Dungeon boss companion have the normal boss health bar and can be staggered.

(1 of 2) The Overlord - Scourge of the Land - will appear with a demonic retinue.

The Overlord - Scourge of the Land - will appear with a demonic retinue. (left), If you manage to kill all three Servants of Hell and the Overlord, you’ll get three Resplendent Chests. (right)

Legion Event Rewards in Diablo 4

Vanquish the Overlord and you’ll be rewarded based on your performance, which is almost entirely determined by how many Servants of Hell you killed. If you failed to kill the first one, the Overlord won’t even spawn and you’ll get nothing. If you managed to kill at least one Servant of Hell and the Overlord, you’ll get one Resplendent Chest per Servant of Hell you killed, up to three. These chests will each reliably spit out several rare (or legendary!) items, Sigil Powder, gold, crafting components, smallish stacks of Murmuring Obols and, if you’re lucky, perhaps the odd Nightmare Sigil. If you’re incredibly lucky you may even find new Mounts after completing Legion Events!

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