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Diablo IV

Diablo 4 - Dread Martyr Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

When you go to war with the forces of hell, losing your life is likely, and in some cases, one of the better possible outcomes. Possession, insanity, torture are all ways demons delight in not only besting their foes, but continue to inflict misery afterwards. In some unfortunate instances, however, even death isn’t an escape. This page will provide a walkthrough for the side quest Dread Martyr in Diablo 4.

(1 of 2) You’ll start this quest by stumbling upon the moribund Sir Cromwell,

You’ll start this quest by stumbling upon the moribund Sir Cromwell, (left), seek out this dying knight northeast of !Kyovashad, just east and slightly south of the !Black Asylum dungeon. (right)

How to Start Dread Martyr in Diablo 4

To start this quest, you need to seek out a “dying knight” - Sir Cromwell - who can be found languishing in the "Frigid Expanse" iconFrigid Expanse. This one can be somewhat tricky to start, as the quest marker has a habit of not appearing unless you’re nearby - Sir Cromwell can be found northeast of "Kyovashad" iconKyovashad, east and slightly south of the ["Black Asylum" iconBlack Asylum] dungeon. If you follow the road northeast from Kyovashad’s eastern gate (past where you can start the side quest Cries of Innocence.

Talk to this stricken knight and he’ll inform you about a companion who fell, presumably fighting the forces of evil in “the ancient city beneath the mountain”. They recovered his body and brought it to the ["Hallowed Ossuary" iconHallowed Ossuary], only to have the corpse arise, “thirsting for blood”. Such is the way of demons, turning the honored dead into perversions of their former selves, spreading darkness and misery which they once fought to quell. With his dying breath Sir Cromwell beckons you to put the abomination that was "Lord Avitus" iconLord Avitus down… permanently.

(1 of 4) Make your way over to the !Hallowed Ossuary,

How to Find and Defeat Lord Avitus in the Hallowed Ossuary

Another dungeon-based side quest, this is actually one of the least involved of these sorts of side quests, as you don’t really have to complete any of the dungeon’s objectives in order to find your target. When you enter the dungeon you’ll be tasked with Collecting Animus from Animus Carriers, which take the form of elite enemies scattered throughout the dungeon. Kill them, pick up the glowing orb of animus they drop, fill the meter on the right of the screen and eventually you gather enough to Deposit Animus into the Animus Urn, opening the way deeper into the dungeon.

There are a number of these Animus Carriers and this dungeon is sizable enough, but Lord Avitus lurks in the front part of it - you’ll likely stumble across him while you hunt down these Animus Carriers. In our game, Lord Avitus had the following properties: Vampiric, Explosive, Shadow Enchanted, "Plaguebearer" iconPlaguebearer. He’s reasonably resilient, too, made even worse by his ability to heal himself at your expense. Most of his traits are mitigated by range, however (sorry Barbarians), but you do have to watch out for the toxin he can create via his Plaguebearer property.

Keep up the pressure and defeat Lord Avitus, after which you’ll earn the standard side quest reward of a Cache, some XP and Gold. You don’t even have to leave the dungeon… not that it matters, since there’s nobody left alive to reward you anyways. But through the magic of video games, you get your prize anyways.

Cache, XP, Gold

(1 of 4) If you kill all the Animus Carries, you’ll be able to fill an Animus Urn and enter the next section of the dungeon.

If you want to clear the Hallowed Ossuary while you’re here, you’ll need to hunt down the rest of the Animus Carriers, then seek out an Animus Urn which, when filled with Animus, will open some doors leading deeper into the dungeon. Your major next major task is to Return the Bloodstone to the Pedestal: 1, which requires you to scour the next part of the dungeon to find a loose Bloodstone. This was guarded by "Lord Berlium" iconLord Berlium in our game, who had the Multishot, Terrifying, Teleporter and Vampiric properties. Once he’s defeated, grab the Bloodstone and place it on a pedestal to open the “Chamber of Martyrs”, where the dungeon boss - the "Blood Bishop" iconBlood Bishop - resides. Defeat this foe and you’ll clear the dungeon, obtaining the "Aspect of Unrelenting Fury" iconAspect of Unrelenting Fury in the process.

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