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Diablo IV

Diablo 4 - Faith in Blood Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

Exorcizing demons isn’t a safe vocation - the demons you’ve had to smite during Sister Octavia’s rituals is proof enough of that. But other, more insidious dangers await would-be exorcists, including, ironically enough, demonic possession. "Faith in Blood" iconFaith in Blood is the third quest in the “"Malady of the Soul" iconMalady of the Soul” series, a chain of related side quests you can optionally complete various rewards, including XP, gold and Renown. This page provides a walkthrough for the side quest Faith in Blood, a side quest in the Fractured Peaks region in Diablo 4.

(1 of 2) Complete the side quest “!Depths of Despair”, then leave and return to !Kyovashad to find Petr waiting for you near the waypoint.

Complete the side quest “!Depths of Despair”, then leave and return to !Kyovashad to find Petr waiting for you near the waypoint. (left), The location of Petr at the start of “!Faith in Blood”. (right)

How to Start Faith in Blood in Diablo 4

The third and final quest in the “Malady of the Soul” questline, to unlock “Faith in Blood” you must first complete the aforementioned Malady of the Soul and its followup quest Depths of Despair. Once done, travel away from "Kyovashad" iconKyovashad if necessary, which should trigger this quest to spawn. Petr - the father from the first quest - will be standing east of the waypoint in Kyovashad. Talk to him to start this quest.

(1 of 4) You can find Margrave along the southwestern end of the Dobrev Taiga.

How to Obtain a Holy Chalice

Talk to Petr, then follow him to Kvera’s house, who will duly lead you down into the Ominious Cellar - a previously underutilized area where you smote a handful of "Carver" iconCarvers during the side quest Depths of Despair. Once inside you’ll soon find what the emergency is - when Sister Octavia was injured at the end of the last quest, the wounds were both physical and spiritual, and now she battles a demon for control over her own body. She needs to you stand in for her and perform the same exorcism ritual you saw her attempt in the previous two quests, but there’s a complication - her chalice is gone. You need to secure another from Matvey in Margrave, who may not be willing to part with a holy relic.

Make your way to the southwestern edge of the Dobrev Taiga, where you’ll find Margrave - assuming you’ve been there before, it’s a simple waypoint trip away. If not, you’re in for a bit of a walk. Either way, talk to Matvey - who is tending to an as-of-yet unlit pyre - and tell him “I need a holy chalice”. A little duplicity facilitates necessity in this case, and while you’ll secure a cup well enough, the “holy” part isn’t quite done cooking yet. You need to anoint the chalice with the blood of sinners. Fortunately some bandits to the east are willing to contribute. Well, they’re going to contribute, willing or not.

Head east of Margrave into a marked area, where you’ll find plenty of bandits hiding out in some caves. Kill them and you’ll find the cup is capable of siphoning out the blood on its own. With holy relics like this, who needs demons? Return to Metvey in Margrave, then make your way back north to Kyovashad, where Sister Octavia languishes in the Ominous Cellar.

(1 of 4) Return to Sister Octavia and start the exorcism ritual.

How to Exorcize Sister Octavia

When you return you’ll find that Sister Octavia’s ordeal has progressed and her condition worsened - the possessing demons now taunts you from within Sister Octavia. No time to lose, place the chalice and begin the exorcism. After some scripted events you’ll have to fend off a small host of Carvers - mere fodder, at worst. Continue the exorcism and after more chatter Sister Octavia will have the strength to drive her possessor from her body - "Demotath" iconDemotath, the fiend who you fought in the sewers earlier.

Demotath, Baron of the Frozen Wastes, hasn’t changed substantially since the last time you fought him. For us, he was an elite enemy with the Frozen, Chilling Wind and Summoner properties, which he’ll use to create exploding ice orbs and chilling vortices, and his massive axe can inflict the Vulnerable debuff, but otherwise he hasn’t changed all that much. All in all, however, he’s not able to back up his threats and taunts. Defeat Demotath and you’ll get a lot of post-quest chatter between a recovering Sister Octavia and a suspicious and petty Matvey. Once that’s over with, Sister Octavia will give you a rare item (she gave us Sister Octavia’s Prayer Book, a rare off-hand item) as well as the usual XP and Gold.

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