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Diablo IV

How to Defeat Vhenard

Ben Chard

The Diablo 4 Main Quest offers plenty of scenarios and you’ll often be facing off against challenging bosses and encounters that will stand in the way of your quest in the hunt for Lilith. The Vhenard encounter is one you’ll face towards the middle of Act I.

Vhenard is a boss in Act 1 of Diablo 4.

How to Find Vhenard

Once you reach the "Undertaking" iconUndertaking Main Quest in Act I, you will have to head to The Darkened Way in Gale Valley. This kicks off a series of Main Quest that involves you descending this massive cavern in your pursuit of both Lilith and "Neyrelle" iconNeyrelle’s mother, "Vhenard" iconVhenard.

You’ll learn more about Lilith and Vhenard in the wake of the destruction and death left behind them, and as you delve deeper, you’ll find yourself in Kasama, where a great lake awaits at the bottom. Prepare yourself once you reach the bottom, as once you confront Vhenard, she’ll lash out at you, starting this encounter.

Vhenard Boss Strategy

As mentioned above, despite the HP bar for Vhenard at the top of your screen, you won’t be fighting her directly. Instead, you’ll need to take out three waves of demons that she summons that, when all defeated, will deal HP damage to Vhenard herself. You’ll also have Neyrelle with you as a companion for the battle.

The first wave is a simple one, she’ll summon two Hell Spawns either side of her. Both of these enemies are Elites that will take some beating, try to lure them together if you can and hit them with AoEs.

The next waves ups the difficulty by some degree, as she’ll now have three Hell Spawns tethered to her, along with multiple Spewers. The Spewers shouldn’t cause you any issues, so burn them down quickly and then focus on one Hell Spawn at a time unless you’re using a build with high damage output for AoE. You’ll also have to deal with blood and electrical bolts that flow around the arena at this point, so be sure to move should you see one approaching.

(1 of 4) The first wave is a simple one against two Hell Spawn Elites

The final wave is by far the most challenging, as you might expect. Not only are there now four Hell Spawns to deal with, but a "Pit Lord" iconPit Lord, another Elite, will spawn with the rest. This is where AoE will be useful, try to group up as many of the Hell Spawns along with the Spewers and try to burn them down as quickly as possible by inflicting Vulnerable and Ultimates. All of the enemies in this battle can be frozen, so bringing a Sorcerer along for the ride is recommended to make life a little easier.

The blood bolts will now fly across the battlefield in a spinning motion, so you’ll have to move around a lot more in this final wave. Expect lots of damage to be coming your way here, so seek out any Potion drops that may be hanging around to survive this final onslaught. Once the final Hell Spawn falls, you’ll defeat Vhenard.

Unfortunately, you’re not able to follow in Lilith’s footsteps just yet, and to make matters worse, there is not loot drops from this battle. Your reward is the knowledge of where to go next in your pursuit of Lilith.

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