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Diablo IV

Diablo 4 Ashava: Location & Tactics

Craig Robinson

Diablo 4 is getting world bosses. One of these creatures that players will encounter on their journeys is a poisonous beast called "Ashava the Pestilent" iconAshava the Pestilent. This creature has a blade on its arm made of bone and the ability to spit poison and acid at players. Here is a guide to the Diablo 4 Ashava boss fight to ensure you’re best prepared.

Here is a detailed look at the Diablo 4 Ashava world boss, featuring location, tactics, and spawn times. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo 4 Ashava Location

Here is the location of the Ashava world boss.

The location of the Ashava world boss in Diablo 4 can be found in the Fractured Peaks. In the zone you’ll notice a timer for when the boss spawns on the right of the screen, just underneath the minimap. You can also check the map for more information on its spawns location and timer. If you’ve played Diablo Immortal, you’ll notice the similarity between this and the Tax Collector-type boss fights. It should spawn in the Crucible area, as that is a very large open area of the map with nothing in it

When the event spawns, you’ll notice it comes out of a pool in the ground. Once the animation is complete, the game will then zoom your camera even further outwards, to account for the boss’ large model, attack range, hit boxes and boss mechanics. Once the boss has settled its animation, and your camera has expanded, players can begin combat with it at their will.

Players can access the Fractured Peaks as part of the game’s storyline. It is also open world, so players can venture here whenever they want. Note the area is in the top right of the playable map space.

Once when the Ashava world boss event begins, you’ll know you’re in as the boss will spawn, alongside combat commencing. Players can join the encounter after the fight begins, as the boss scales with players in the area. As long as you participate, you’ll be rewarded for your actions.

Diablo 4 Ashava Tactics

Players who wish to brave Ashava will need to be around level 25 to fight her. Players battling her any lower than that will likely find that she will most certainly one shot you if you make the wrong move. So, picking up on the tactics below for the Ashava world boss fight in Diablo 4 is certainly worth while.

As with world bosses seen in Diablo Immortal, and other games like Lost Ark, players can expect Ashava’s tactics to operate similarly. Expect random target attacks on plays, followed by some raid moves where players around the arena must react to avoid dying in battle. There are a few main moves the boss is known for

  • Forearm Blades: Ashava has bony blades on its arms, and will attack players with them. There will likely be basic attacks, and massive cleaves players will need to dodge.
  • "Claw" iconClaw Slam: The boss raises one or both of its claws in the air, highlighting a target area in a thin, gray circle on the floor. This last for between 1-2 seconds, before the boss slams it into the marked area, damaging those still inside.
  • Drag: In some occasions, the boss will slam both of its claws into the ground via Claw Slam. Moments later, it swill drag its claws to its side, hitting anyone at the side of the boss. Step away from Ashava’s flank to avoid taking damage.
  • Charge / Jump: So the ranged damage characters have something to do; players can expect the boss to charge in directions around the battlefield. Here you must go out of the way to avoid taking damage.
  • Chomp: The boss will turn and face a player, drag its neck back, and then slam its head forward and chomp a player. If you’re the target, simply move away from the boss and out range it.
  • Degree Spin: The boss will raise one claw into the air, and then rotate around in a 360 degree spin, colliding its bony arm into players caught. You either need to out range it, or out pace it. It can also do this in 90 degree and 180 degree variations too.
  • Poison Pools: The boss will occasionally breath out poison clouds from its mouth, which will settle in the direction it exhaled. This mist will then form pools of poisons, forcing melee and ranged players to change their position. These pools last for a considerable amount of time, so do be mindful of positioning, especially if you need to side step or out range any claw themed moves.

It is also worth mentioning the boss has a second bar below it’s HP, which is a gray looking bar. This is the boss’ stagger meter, which will fill as players use skills that have C effects in them. Once the bar is filled, the boss will be temporarily stunned for a small window. This allows players to unleash their full build and combos against the boss.

  • Read More: We’ve seen some classes solo Ashava, so, if you want to min max, we recommend checking out the best builds in the Diablo 4 Tier List!

You can see a few examples of the boss tactics via the short on the official Diablo YouTube Channel.

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