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Diablo IV

Diablo 4 Rogue Beta Build: Shadow Flurry

Matt Chard

With the Diablo 4 beta in full swing, you can test out three of the five classes up to level 25 and experience the first act of the story along with the plethora of side content. Like most action RPGs you’ll have a large assortment of skills and abilities to select from which can make choosing a build a difficult task. Fortunately, we are here to help narrow down these choices with our Rogue beta builds.

The rogue can infuse the shadow element onto their weapons and attack with a flurry.

Diablo 4 Rogue Beta Builds

The Rogue has a few choices in the build department such as an Imbuement Build, "Flurry" iconFlurry Build, "Twisting Blades" iconTwisting Blades build, "Barrage" iconBarrage build, "Penetrating Shot" iconPenetrating Shot build, and even a trap build. With the way that Diablo 4 has its abilities split into tiers, you’ll need to spend a specific amount of skill points into each section of abilities to gain access to the next set of abilities.

Then you have Specializations that unlock at level 15 which have a massive contribution to your build choice which you can read about here. Finally, you’ll have gear choices to make including aspects that can be obtained from dungeons, or extracted from an item.

Diablo 4 Rogue Shadow Flurry Build


In an ideal world we’d like to have more skill points in some of these abilities, but due to the beta, we are limited with how many skill points are available. You need to spend a specific amount of skill points in each “tree” before you can access the next set of abilities which are why the skill points are scattered.


Basic Skills deal damage and are always available to cast.

Icon Ability Description Points Modifiers
Invigorating_Strike_Rogue_Ability_Diablo_4.png Invigorating Strike [Generate Combo Point: 1] Melee attack an enemy, dealing X damage and increasing Energy Regeneration by 20% for 3 seconds. 1 Enhanced Invigorating Strike, Fundamental Invigorating Strike


Core Skills spend resources to deliver powerful attacks.

Icon Ability Description Points Modifiers
Flurry_Rogue_Ability_Diablo_4.png "Flurry" iconFlurry [Energy Cost: 25] Unleash a flurry of stabs, and slashes, striking enemies in front of you 4 times and dealing a total of X damage to each. Combo Points increase damage and grant an Attack Speed bonus: 1 Point: X damage, 15% bonus, 2 Points: X damage, 30% bonus, 3 Points: X damage, 45% bonus. 1 "Enhanced Flurry" iconEnhanced Flurry, "Improved Flurry" iconImproved Flurry


Agility Skills maneuver you across the battlefield with adept mobility.

Icon Ability Description Points Modifiers
Dash_Rogue_Ability_Diablo_4.png Dash [Charges: 2] [Charge Cooldown: 9 Seconds] Dash forward and slash enemies for X damage. 1 Enhanced Dash
Icon Ability Description Points Modifiers
Weapon_Mastery_Rogue_Ability_Diablo_4.png Weapon Mastery (Passive) Gain a bonus when attacking based on weapon type: Daggers: 15% - Increased damage to Healthy enemies. Swords: 9% - Increased damage. Bows: 12% - Increased damage to Vulnerable enemies. Crossbows: 15% - Increased Critical Strike Damage. 3


Subterfuge Skills outwit and debilitate enemies with trickery.

Icon Ability Description Points Modifiers
Smoke_Grenade_Rogue_Ability_Diablo_4.png Smoke Grenade [Cooldown: 15 Seconds] Throw a smoky concoction at enemies that dazes them for x seconds. 1 Enhanced Smoke Grenade, Subverting Smoke Grenade.
Icon Ability Description Points Modifiers
Exploit_Rogue_Ability_Diablo_4.png Exploit (Passive) You deal 18% increased damage to Healthy and Injured enemies. 3


Imbuement Skills infuse attacks with potent Elemental effects.

Icon Ability Description Points Modifiers
Shadow_Imbuement_Rogue_Ability_Diablo_4.png Shadow Imbuement [Cooldown: 9 Seconds] Imbue your weapons with festering shadows. Your next 2 Imbueable Skills deal Shadow damage and infect enemies for 6 seconds. Infected enemies explode on death, dealing X damage to all surrounding enemies. If the infection expires before the enemy dies, it will deal X damage to only that enemy. 1 Enhanced Shadow Imbuement, Blended Shadow Imbuement
Icon Ability Description Points Modifiers
Flurry_Rogue_Ability_Diablo_4.png Precise Imbuement (Passive) Imbued Skills gain 15% increased Critical Strike Chance. 1


Ultimate Skills shift the tide of battle and devastate your enemies.

Icon Ability Description Points Modifiers
Death_Trap_Rogue_Ability_Diablo_4.png Death Trap [Cooldown: 50 Seconds] Place a trap that arms after X second. It activates when an enemy moves within a range dealing a total of X damage to each enemy in the area. 1 Prime Death Trap, Supreme Death Trap


At level 15, you’ll get a class quest that will unlock Specializations. The first one you will unlock is “Combo Points”. This allows you to use a Basic Skill to generate up to three combo points (shown on the right of the Hotbar) to deal more damage by using a Core “Finisher” to spend the combo points for extra damage per combo point spent.

At level 20, you’ll unlock another specialization called “Inner Sight”. This will mark random enemies, and when they’re attacked, fill up the inner sight gauge shown underneath the Energy Orb (left of the Hotbar). When it’s full, you’ll gain unlimited Energy for 4 seconds. Level 30 has the Preparation Specialization, but as of right now, it isn’t available in the beta.

For this build, we chose the Combo Points Specialization due to the extra damage output, but this is just a personal choice, and you can go with Inner Sight instead.

Rogue Legendaries and Aspects

Due to the randomness of specific equipment drops, we will list the Aspects, and where you can put them instead. These can be obtained by extracting them from Legendary equipment which has the Aspect, or by completing a specific dungeon. Then you can imprint the Aspect onto your equipment via the Occultist in "Kyovashad" iconKyovashad. With your equipment, look for gear with that enhance the following Skills:

Equipment Aspect Equipment Aspect
Helm "Ravenous Aspect" iconRavenous Aspect Amulet "Aspect of Shared Misery" iconAspect of Shared Misery
Armor "Vengeful Aspect" iconVengeful Aspect Ring 1 "Energizing Aspect" iconEnergizing Aspect
Gloves "Aspect of Unstable Imbuements" iconAspect of Unstable Imbuements Ring 2 Aspect of Siphoned Protection
Pants "Aspect of the Expectant" iconAspect of the Expectant Main Hand "Aspect of Encircling Blades" iconAspect of Encircling Blades
Boots "Shadowslicer Aspect" iconShadowslicer Aspect Off Hand "Aspect of Corruption" iconAspect of Corruption
Ranged "Ghostwalker Aspect" iconGhostwalker Aspect

How to Play Shadow Flurry Rogue Build

For groups of enemies use your skills in the following order:

Shadow Imbuement > Dash (into enemies) > Flurry (for vulnerable) > Death Trap > Smoke Grenade > Shadow Imbuement > Dash > Invigorating Strike x 3 > Flurry.

They will most likely die after the Death Trap, but for the stronger enemies (Elites) continue on with the rotation. If they’re still alive after all that, keep repeating Invigorating Strike x3 > Flurry while using the other skills off cooldown. If you ever run low on energy, use Invigorating Strike to build it back up.

For bosses, you will want to follow the same rotation, but you can save the Dashes to avoid attacks. This build is more of an AOE build than a single target build, but it is still strong against bosses.

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