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Diablo IV

All Side Quests in Scosglen in Diablo 4

Nathan Garvin

Side quests are extraneous activities you can engage in in order to earn Renown (which has been buffed for Side Quests in the Season 1 patch), XP and gold. These are indicated on your map by a blue exclamation point, but some side quests have prerequisites - usually finding some random drop, completing a Stronghold or another side quest. In addition to the aforementioned rewards, most side quests will reward you with a cache of some description or another, which drops randomly loot of a specific type when opened. Some rare side quests may also yield unique (albeit usually rare quality) items. Whatever the other rewards, side quests are often worth completing for the lore and renown alone.

This page will list all the side quests in the Scosglen region, providing their starting location, any unlock requirements, links to markers on our interactive map and links to the walkthrough pages for side quests, when relevant.

The locations of every side quest in Scosglen.

All Scosglen Side Quests Locations in Diablo 4

There are forty-seven Side Quests in Scosglen worth a total of 940 Renown if you complete them all. This includes several distinct quest chains:

A Sodden Pact

Claws at the Throat

A Deepening Shadow

First Among Wolves

The Diviner

The Seer

All of these quests chains save for The Diviner and The Seer are Quests Challenges that may yield additional rewards when completed.

The following quests require you to find a random drop in order to begin, hence being somewhat annoying to start:

Be sure to kill enemies and loot all manner of objects in the listed areas to find the item that kicks off these quests.

Name Location Requirements Interactive Map
"A Briny Fate" iconA Briny Fate Northshore Map Marker
"A Deepening Shadow" iconA Deepening Shadow Deep Forest Map Marker
"A Different Beast" iconA Different Beast The Downs Find the Broken Totem item (search corpses) Map Marker
"A Plea For Aid" iconA Plea For Aid Firebeak Manor Map Marker
"A Sliver of Light" iconA Sliver of Light Deep Forest Complete "The Old Ways" iconThe Old Ways, begins automatically Map Marker
"A Sodden Pact" iconA Sodden Pact Northshore Complete Whispers from "Below" iconBelow Map Marker
"An Acquired Taste" iconAn Acquired Taste The Shrouded Moors Map Marker
"Blood of Brigands" iconBlood of Brigands The Emerald Chase Map Marker
"Braega's Chronicles" iconBraega’s Chronicles Firebreak Manor Find the History of Scosglen (dropped by Blood Clan enemies) Map Marker
"Chasing Embers" iconChasing Embers Highland Wilds Complete "Pyre of Ash" iconPyre of Ash Map Marker
"Chronicling the Old Ways" iconChronicling the Old Ways Westering Lowlands Map Marker
"Claws at the Throat" iconClaws at the Throat Highland Wilds Map Marker
"Daughter of the Oak" iconDaughter of the Oak The Emerald Chase Map Marker
"Ever Faithful" iconEver Faithful The Downs Map Marker
"Feral Moon" iconFeral Moon The Downs Map Marker
"Fields of Ruin" iconFields of Ruin The Downs Map Marker
"First Among Wolves" iconFirst Among Wolves The Downs Complete "Feral Moon" iconFeral Moon Map Marker
"Left in Ashes" iconLeft in Ashes Tur Dulra Complete "The Diviner" iconThe Diviner Map Marker
"Message in a Bottle" iconMessage in a Bottle Strand Find the "Message in a Bottle" iconMessage in a Bottle Map Marker
"Of Pests and Pestilence" iconOf Pests and Pestilence The Shrouded Moors Map Marker
"Pyre of Ash" iconPyre of Ash Highland Wilds Complete "Claws at the Throat" iconClaws at the Throat Map Marker
"Ravenous Predator's Offering" iconRavenous Predator’s Offering Wailing Hills Find the Ravenous Predator’s Cache (search corpses) Map Marker
"Reclamation" iconReclamation Strand Complete "Smoke Signals" iconSmoke Signals Map Marker
"Remembering the Goose" iconRemembering the Goose Highland Wilds Map Marker
"Settling the Tab" iconSettling the Tab The Shrouded Moors Map Marker
"Smoke Signals" iconSmoke Signals Strand Complete "The Seer" iconThe Seer Map Marker
"Stemming the Tide" iconStemming the Tide Northshore Map Marker
"Stolen Artifice" iconStolen Artifice Wailing Hills Map Marker
"Tending Nature" iconTending Nature Tur Dulra Must have conquered Tur Dulra Stronghold Map Marker
"The Bear of Blackweald" iconThe Bear of Blackweald Highland Wilds Complete "Chasing Embers" iconChasing Embers Map Marker
"The Broken Bear" iconThe Broken Bear The Downs Find the Broken "Bear" iconBear Totem (dropped by bears) Map Marker
"The Diviner" iconThe Diviner Tur Dulra must have conquered Tur Dulra Stronghold Map Marker
"The Fledgling Merchant" iconThe Fledgling Merchant The Emerald Chase Map Marker
"The Old Ways" iconThe Old Ways Tur Dulra Complete "A Deepening Shadow" iconA Deepening Shadow, must have conquered Tur Dulra Stronghold Map Marker
"The Seer" iconThe Seer Strand Map Marker
"The Snare" iconThe Snare The Downs Complete "First Among Wolves" iconFirst Among Wolves, begins automatically Map Marker
"The Starving Strand" iconThe Starving Strand Wailing Hills Map Marker
"The Traveling Scholar" iconThe Traveling Scholar Deep Forest You must have conquer Dur Dulra Stronghold Map Marker
"The Wrong Hands" iconThe Wrong Hands The Downs Find the Broken Carving (search chests) Map Marker
"Threads of Envy" iconThreads of Envy Northshore Complete Untangled Truths Map Marker
"Untangling Truths" iconUntangling Truths Northshore Complete "A Sodden Pact" iconA Sodden Pact, begins automatically Map Marker
"Votive Passing" iconVotive Passing Wailing Hills Map Marker
"Wagered Honor" iconWagered Honor Highland Wilds Map Marker
"Warded Sailor's Vessel" iconWarded Sailor’s Vessel Northshore Find the "Warded Sailor's Vessel" iconWarded Sailor’s Vessel (search corpses) Map Marker
"What Ails Thee?" iconWhat Ails Thee? The Emerald Chase Map Marker
"Whispers From Below" iconWhispers From Below Northshore Map Marker
"With Fangs Bared" iconWith Fangs Bared The Downs Complete "The Snare" iconThe Snare, begins automatically Map Marker
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