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Diablo IV

Level Cap

Paul McNally

Even though the first day of the Early Access Open Beta for Diablo IV was plagued with connections issues (which, let’s face it, in this day and age, surely everybody was expecting?) players are wondering if they will be able to get to the maximum level that the beta provides? But what is that level, and just how easy is it to get there?

(1 of 2) When you level up you will receive an on-screen notification, even in the midst of a battle

When you level up you will receive an on-screen notification, even in the midst of a battle (left), Every time you level up you receive a point you can utilize on your skill tree to modify your character build (right)

What Is The Maximum Level Cap In Diablo 4 Beta?

We know that we have two consecutive weekends to play the game, and that the second will be busier than the first as it is open to everybody, not just pre-purchasers and others that have obtained a code.

Hopefully Blizzard will have ironed out the server issues by then in time for the new influx as some already furious players will be apoplectic with rage if they run out of time to get to the cap.

Blizzard has set the Level Cap for the Open Beta at level 25, which seems pretty reasonable. You will definitely have to put a few hours into the game to get there, but it is easy enough to level up, especially in the early part of the game and prologue.

There is also the added caveat that there is no real reason to hit the Level 25 limit. All the beta rewards have been handed out by the time you get to Level 20, and as any progress you make on the Open Beta will be wiped before full launch, you are only really going for the Level Cap for the sense of achievement.

If it the rewards you are interested in, as you can see from the table below - level 20 is the sweet spot. Achieving the Initial Casualty title only takes getting to Kyovashed, which is the end of the Prologue - maybe 90 minutes or so into the game.

Reward Requirement
Initial Casualty Title Reach "Kyovashad" iconKyovashad with one character
Early Voyager Title Hit Level 20 with a single character
Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item Hit Level 20 with a single character

How To Level Up Quickly In The Diablo IV Open Beta

If you are desperate to reach the level cap before the beta ends, there are ways of course that you can get there quicker.

Make sure you explore every section of the map - many areas that you do not actually need to go contain enemies that can be slain for more EXP. Your EXP and current level is shown in the health bar location at the base of the screen, so you can always see how much more you need to get before you level up.

If you play on Veteran, not only will you get more EXP, the drop rate from kills will be much higher

Also if you choose to the play the game on a higher difficulty session you will get more EXP for enemies you kill - with monsters dropping an extra 20% of experience per kill. Of course, that is commensurate with the fact that they are harder to kill in the first place.

So do the math - if you play on veteran, you will get to level 25, in theory, 20% quicker than by picking Adventurer level.

Either way, we don’t think that getting to Level 25 is overly tricky, as long as the servers hold up and you are prepared to dedicate a chunk of your weekends to playing Diablo IV.

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